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Mia's P.O.V

So the Red Devils won the game against the Wildcats. The score was 12-15.

Daniel hit a triple, 2 RBI doubles and a Home Run. So he went up to bat 4 times.

Probably because he's first on the lineup.

When he was leaving the dugout, I patiently waited. He spotted me and walked over to me.

"You did great!"I exclaim

He laughed.

"Thanks Mia"he said

"Can I take a picture with my favorite baseball player?"I ask

"Sure"he said

I set the camera on my phone.

"You sit down because you're tall and I'm short"I say

He laughed, sitting down on the first row of bleachers. I sit next to him. He places his chin on my shoulder, showing that beautiful smile.

I snap the picture. I saved it and set it as my home screen.

He then took my phone from me and added his number. He sent the picture to himself.

"Lets take more"he said

We took 5 more. I made a collage and set it as my lock screen. Afterwards, I sent him the picture.

"Make that your lock screen"I say

He smiles, setting the picture. I grin, making it fade quickly. He noticed my sudden change in mood.

"What happened?"he asked

"What if Grace sees the picture? What'll she say?"I ask, worried

"Who cares what she says? Listen, if she hurts you, let me know okay?"he said

I nod.

"Daniel!"a woman called

We both looked toward the voice. That must be his mom. He turned back to me.

"Gotta go, text you later?"he said

I smile, nodding. He smiled back, getting up. I stood up too. He gave me a quick side hug and made his way over to his mom.

I walk over to Steph, who's ready to go.

"Ready?"he asked

"Yeah"I say

He nods and we walk to the car.


Instead of texting, me and Daniel decided to FaceTime. Mostly because we both have Math HW to do.

"So, when did you start playing Baseball?"I asked

"When I was about 5-6"he said

"Cool. Was it easy?"I ask

"Hitting a ball off a T, was the easiest thing about it. Now playing the field at that time, was the hardest"he explained

I laughed.

"How?"I ask

"Where ever the ball went, the team went"he said

I giggled.

"That's cool"I say

"Yeah. What about you? Any sports in your blood?"he asked

I smile.

"Not yet. Just taking it slow"I say

"That's smart"he said

"Yup"I say

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