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"Hey," I practically yelled down the hallway causing almost every head to turn in my direction. Blushing like an idiot I say,"sorry, not you."

Quickly I dash down the hall towards the curly haired boy that caused that awkward situation before hand as he didn't see me and was starting to walk away.

Once I finally make it to him I reach up to grab his broad shoulder. I feel his muscles tighten under my touch and his head snaps towards me.

I stare deeply into his gorgeous blue eyes and ask,"you weren't going to go to class without me?"

He looks at me and blushes lightly when a small smirk forms on his lips. "Never," he whispered. 

I grab his hand and start dragging him towards calculus class as he chuckles behind me, but follows without protest not want to draw any attention towards himself.

After school I practically run out the doors happy to finally be out of that hell hole but Isaac looked sad, actually more of scared.

It's because he had to go home to that piece of abusive crap that he's forced to call dad. I want to tell someone in an effort to make it stop, I even attempted to once but Isaac begged me not to. He said it would only make things worse.

"You could come over to my place and we could study. Isaac my parents are off on a trip they're gone this whole week with my brother, so you could stay as long as you want. You don't have to go back there immediately," you say sympathetically.

He shakes his head rapidly while staring at his feet whispering," he wants me to come home as soon as schools over today. Bye y/n."

Time Lapse
three hours later

I was on my couch watching tv in a loose t-shirt and sweatpants after long giving up on my homework. In the middle of the movie a tapping noise caught my attention.

Getting up to investigate, walking around to pin point the noise.

This is how all those idiots die in horror films, I tell myself.

Then I hear it again harder this time on the front door so grabbing a kitchen knife quickly just incase.

Slowly walking over to the door I crack it open and see the curls in the back of the head of the boy I held oh so dear to my heart.

I flung the door open and questioned,"Isaac?"

He turned around with tear stained cheeks, a cut on his upper lip, and a fresh bruise forming around his right eye.

I immediate drop the knife and pull him into the house. Taking him in my arms never letting go I stumble to the kitchen, having a hard time since he was so much bigger than me, and manage to get him to sit in a chair.

Rushing to the counter find the medical kit in the cabinet and hurry to his side. Once I open it I grab a Q-tip and antibiotic ointment.

Unscrewing the cap squeezing the tube causing ointment to come out I rub it on the Q-tip. Setting the tube down I reach out and place the coated end of the Q-tip against his cut making him wince and pull back.

"Baby, please stay still," I plead.

With raised eyebrows and shock in his beautiful eyes he questioned,"baby?"

I blush like a fool and manage to cover his cut to prevent infection. "Sorry, it just slipped," I mumble.

"Don't be sorry," Isaac says looking deep into my y/e/c eyes.

I can't help but feel butterflies in my stomach. We sit in silence inspecting each other. Isaac didn't talk about what happened and I didn't ask because I knew he didn't want to relive it.

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