White Dress Seduction

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My eyes flickered open and i wondered if I was hallucinating.

No no no no no no no!

There's no way in hell my moans from my dream were happening in real life! I couldn't believe I actually just had a sex dream! About my bosses! and to make it worst they were standing in front of me!

"Um." Was all I could mutter as I pulled my blanket up to my shoulders. I didn't want to further my embarrassment by them catching a peep of my bra or anything. Damien and Damon were standing right in front of my bed looking flustered.

"We just uh, came to check on you." Damien awkwardly cleared his deep voice. I didn't say a word, what would I say anyway?

Oh yeah that's right, I was moaning in my sleep and i know you guys heard me and that's why you both came to my room? Talk about awkward conversation, I was not going to say that.

"Goodnight." Damien mumbled and they left my room, closing the door quietly. I could tell Damon was most embarrassed because he couldn't say a word.

I just stared at the door, shocked that this happened. I didn't even know how I would face them tomorrow without thinking about how they heard me moaning in my sleep. I mean why did they come to my room anyway? Did they like that? Or did they think I was actually having a bad dream about getting murdered or something? I just didn't know and best believe I fell asleep with those thoughts flooding my mind.

The next day I awoke at 10:00am and I was nervous. I had to cook a big meal for this event Damon and Damien were having and I had to have it done by 12:00 noon. This was my first day on the job so I had to make sure everything would be perfect and finished in time.

Since I had no extra clothes i slipped my sweatpants and t-shirt back on and made my way to the bathroom. It annoyed me that I couldn't shower because I was a clean freak but i had no fresh clothes so I couldn't worry about that now. I brushed my teeth with the brand new extra toothbrush on the sink and washed my face.

When I exited my room I walked out into the hallway and I was greeted by the beautiful bright sun that was shining through the window above the front double doors of the mansion. I slowly made my way down the stairs and walked to the kitchen.

I figured this was the most beautiful time in the house. The early morning hours when it's peace and quiet, and the sun is shining into the house through the windows.

A million ideas were going through my mind when i thought about what I should cook. Chicken is a popular food, and I could cook many side dishes to go with it. But then again what if some of the guests don't like chicken?

The overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do crept into me and I decided I needed a glass of water to calm me down. I walked towards the fridge and realized and note taped to it.

My name was on the top of it. Well the first letter of my name anyway.

The requested meal is listed for you, after you prepare the food I will gladly take you out to find you a dress to wear for the event. You will be cooking two main dishes and a few sides.

The two main dishes will be the chicken that is thawed out in the fridge and the fish. The fish needs to be baked and the chicken was requested to be fried. We have already brought all the proper seasonings for such. The side dishes will be creamed corn, white rice and broccoli. Damon and I will be in charge of refreshments. All of This needs to be done by 11. I will take you shopping at that time so meet me at my office on the second floor once the food is prepared.

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