Third Person POV
"Alex we're all ready!" Shouted James from the living room. The bodyguards had already taken all their luggage and they were waiting for the prince and princess in the lobby. Alex's last week in New York flew by faster than a blink, she was currently in her room looking for her passport while James, Emily, Rose and Melissa were waiting for her. "I think she's having second thoughts." Stated James, even though he didn't show it, the prince was worried about Alex and she might take everything, although having Melissa go with them calmed him down a little bit, it wasn't hard to convince Mr. Hastings to let Melissa travel with them, he simply had to say that Alex needed a tutor and she wasn't fond of the ones in France so it would be better for her to have a familiar face, Mr. Hasting of course not knowing the relationship between the two agreed as long as Melissa was fine with that and she was, it is also no secret how close Mr. Hastings and Alex got over the years, in a way he became her father and authority figure.

Melissa sucked in a breath and let it go. "I'll go talk to her." Once she reached Alex's room she saw her girlfriend pacing around like a maniac, the older one laughed to herself and admired the love of her life. "What are you doing?"

"You would think a princess is organized, but then again I haven't been a princess the last few years of my life so you know," Alex didn't even turn to look at Melissa and instead focused all her energy on finding her passport. ", I'm pretty sure I left it on my bed before I showered so why isn't it there?! I mean clearly I must be losing my mind because it. Is. Not. Here!" Melissa couldn't help but laugh a little bit louder this time, she kept wondering how can she fall in love with Alex over and over again? "What? What's so funny?" This time Alex stopped, placed her hands on her hips and shifted her weight to one of them staring at Melissa. "Am I amusing you? Because I don't think this is funny at all."

Melissa smirked and focused her eyes on Alex. She was wearing black skinny jeans, black boots, black blouse with a leather jacket and a scarf and even though her girlfriend was mad she just wanted to rip her clothes off, in fact she wanted to do it because Alex was mad. "No, it's not," Melissa half whispered while approaching Alex. ", and you're not amusing me Alex," She was inches apart from the princess, her hands reached Alex's waist and went around her until they got to her butt, Melissa made sure to squeeze it while bringing her girlfriend impossibly close to her, her lips got to Alex's ear and slowly licked it, in the mean time all Alex felt was an urge to throw Melissa to her bed and never let her go. ", but you're turning me on so bad." Melissa attached her lips to Alex's neck and sucked on it, and Alex, powerless and already knowing her girlfriend was going to leave a mark, could only enjoy it.

"Babe..." Was all the princess could say, more like moan. "I-"

"I don't really want to open my eyes and see what you two are up to but I will if I have to, little sister. We have to go, now."

Alex rolled her eyes and tried to gather herself. "Get out, you jerk." Both girls heard James chuckle and leave, but they also knew that it wouldn't be long before he was back, and this time actually coming in and dragging them out.

Alex tried to ignore the wetness that formed between her legs but it was impossible with Melissa's dark eyes staring at her. "Asshole."

"Gorgeous." Responded Melissa.

"I'm about to be officially presented to the public as France's lost princess and you decide to give a hickey?"

The older chuckled and got closer to Alex. "Bite me."

"Oh I will, I promise." Both girls laughed and their lips found each other, this time it was sweet and gentle. Melissa pressed her forehead to Alex's and tucked a hair behind her ear. "I'm scared princess, and I also don't want to leave New York, this city is the best thing that happened to me, I met Rosie and Emily..." Alex looked up and stared at the most beautiful woman she has ever seen. "... And you."

Melissa smiled and pecked Alex's lips. "I know, but this is not goodbye, this is a "see you later". Plus Rosie and Emily will be here waiting for you and I'll be with you. I promise you Alex, we'll figure it out."

Alex smiled and couldn't help to be thankful to whoever put Melissa in her life, whether it was Mr. Hasting or destiny, she was thankful. " I love you so much."

"I love you too." Melissa said with a sweet smile. "Oh and by the way, your passport is in your back pocket."

Alex's eyes widened and sure enough when she felt her back pocket there it was. "You jerk, why didn't you tell me?!" Even though she wanted to look mad she couldn't, she was actually in a better mood now.

"And miss the opportunity of seeing you get mad? Who do you think I am?"

"I don't know, maybe my sweet girlfriend who cares about me and wouldn't want to see me stressed and pissed?" Alex raised her eyebrows and once again put her hands on her hips.

Melissa kissed her girlfriend and slapped her butt, then she turned around to leave but before she was out of sight she turned to Alex. "But you look so hot when you're mad babe." And that phrase alone, with the babe part was enough for Alex's wetness to spread even more.

They were all in the lobby before the prince, Alex and Melissa got in the black SUV that would take them to the airport. Emily promised to herself that she wouldn't cry but she failing miserably, as more and more tears escaped her eyes ruining her makeup. "You look like Bloody Mary dude."

Melissa quickly slapped Alex and thanked God that the press couldn't see them right now. "Be nice." She warned her girlfriend.

Emily simply laughed and continued crying, if that's even possible. "Yes Ms. Thomas." If only looks could kill, Alex wouldn't be breathing anymore. "Ok, sorry. You know I suck at this, and humor is my defense mechanism against all of this... Hey, hey, don't cry. You're gonna make me cry now." The two friends laughed together and hugged each other. "I love you Su and you know you just have to call me and I'll be right here when you need me ok?" Emily simply nodded. "Come on cheer up, we'll be in touch like all the time ok?"

Emily smiled and cleaned her tears with the sleeve of her sweater. "You better behave bitch."

"There she is!" Alex screamed. "I love you dumbass and don't do anything stupid... At least not while I'm not here." And there it was again Melissa's deadly stare to Alex. "Damn baby, back at it again with the deadly stares. Ok I'll shut up now." All five of them laughed and it was time for them to finally say goodbye. "Bye Rosie, I'll see you soon."

Rose smiled and hugged Alex as hard as she could, since she wouldn't know how much time will pass until she could see the reckless and yet amazing girl she got to love as a daughter. "I'll be right here waiting for you," Then her eyes turned to Melissa. ", both of you."

A private jet was waiting for them and no paparazzi was able to get a glimpse of the prince or princess and therefore Melissa either, once they were on the air there was only a couple hours separating Alex and her destiny, whatever happens is yet to be discovered and the couple had a feeling that there will be a very bumpy road waiting for them as soon as they landed on France.


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