I Heard Your Dad Was- THAT'S YOUR DAD!?!

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Selphia looked at Typhlo after he licked her awake."What is it?"She mumbled tiredly. Typhlo excitedly looked outside with his Egyptian blue eyes. He barked happily and jumped around and around in a circle. It was 10 in the morning, so far most of the campers were awake.

Selphia stepped outside, Typhlo went bounding off and stood in front of the Big House in the distance. The Stolls walked over to her, the Hermes twins carrying the biggest grins on their faces. "A god has visited the camp, they're having a conference with Chiron right now." Travis said.

"You heard it from us, remember!" Conner yelled as they ran off, probably to tell everyone else.

She merely shook her head and continued to walk to Cabin 9. Knocking on the door, she waited. A tall boy with smooth mocha skin like Selphia's opened the door. He was probably 6'5" or something. His hair was a perfect side swept platinum blonde. His eyes were a royal blue. The splash of colors on this boy confused her eyes, none of the colors mixed with his facial features and his body structures."Who are you?"He asked. His voice was deep, it was fitting for a boy who was football built like him. "Selphia from the Artemis cabin. You?"She mumbled in reply.

The boy fixed his somewhat slouched posture and stood tall. His strong arms were crossed and his eyes carried an unfazed appearance."Name's Malachkai. Malachkai Toleho."He grunted. Everything about him confused her. Especially since he was a son of Hephaestus.

"I'm here to see Leo."Selphia said calmly. He nodded and yelled back into the cabin. Malachkai stepped out and ran off, probably to spar or whatever. "Hey. How are you?"Leo asked as he reached the doorstep."Good I suppose. The Stolls are spreading word about a God in the camp."She grumbled. "Typhlo ran off to the Big House before those two twins could figure it out."She added.

"Well, we should go check it out. Just out of pure curiosity.."Leo said, looking down at his feet while scratching the back of his neck, his gaze returned to looking back up at Selphia with an innocent awkward smile. She shrugged and they turned to look at the Big House. There was already a large crowd of murmuring halfbloods. "Nevermind."Leo grunted in disappointment. Selphia remembered how Leo's eyes lit up at the mention of a God in the camp. They turned away and headed to the lake.

"Hey, I heard your dad was coming to have a conference with Chiron, how will he get here without getting killed if he's a mortal? And how will he get in if mortals aren't allowed in camp?"Leo tried to change the subject. Selphia looked away."You'll figure that out in time."

All of a sudden...

"SELPHIA?"A familiar voice boomed, gasps echoed over the crowd of halfbloods.

She whipped around and her eyes widened. A smile spread on her face and she took off, leaving Leo behind.

"DADDY!"She squealed. Leo turned around and looked up.

He was faced with the sight of the God the Stolls had been talking about. Only this God wasn't Greek. He was Egyptian. Annabeth quickly identified the God."Osiris. Egyptian God of the Afterlife. King of Egyptian gods, granted this power before the sun God Ra was transformed into a cat."She smiled proudly and Percy rewarded her with a kiss. Selphia was in Osiris's arms, crying while hugging him tight. He was much larger than the Greek gods. He quickly adjusted his size so he wouldn't crush the child in his arms.

"Why do I have to be at this dreaded camp? I wanna go home. I miss Anubis. I miss Horus."She sobbed. Osiris stroked her hair softly."Your mother wanted you to be here, so you were safe."He replied, his voice sonorous and fatherly. She hissed a little."Safe from what? Her? Even Uncle Apollo visits me, but not my own mother. I don't want to hear about her."Selphia snapped. "Your mother said she would return one day. You can't lose faith in her now."Osiris argued. "She's never coming back! Who was there when Seth killed Tourmaline? You, not Artemis. Who was there to love me after I was saved from Anubis? You. Not Artemis. So I don't care about her. She means nothing to me like I mean nothing to her.

Leo walked up to Selphia's side. "Selphia, none of us ever got to see our godly parents. Only Percy, Annabeth, Tyson, Luke, and Thalia."He mumbled. Osiris stared at Leo, with a look in his eye that was obvious. He saw a parasite that needed to be exterminated immediately."Is that why everyone was excited? To see their parent? They thought the god that was visiting was their mother or father?..."She treated trailed off. And looked at Leo in his eyes."You thought it was Hephaestus."She mumbled silently. He nodded and frowned.

"You don't get it."A new voice added itself to the conversation.

Osiris scowled."Anubis, I told you to stay with your brother."He barked. Selphia expected to see a jackal headed man. But she saw Anubis in his human form. He had shaggy yet handsome black hair with teal eyes and a golden streak through his hair. He didn't wear a shirt, he had a heavy necklace around his neck, and he wore white skinny jeans with golden chains hanging out of the pockets. His jackal guards angrily tried to breach the barrier, but Anubis shook his head."Horus left already. He got tired of waiting. So much for your precious falcon son."Anubis sneered. Nico ran up to Anubis and admired the Egyptian God of the Dead."You look way younger than my dad."Nico said dully. Anubis glared boredly down at the son of Hades."Your dad is a decaying dusty bitch who can't control the souls of the Dead right."He barked, then shoved Nico away, who snarled.

Anubis glanced at Selphia and gave her a forgiving look. Like always. "Anyways, you don't get it. Selphia has the opportunity to see Artemis. What do you get when two gods have a kid?"Anubis explained. Leo transferred his gaze to Selphia. She had a deep frown on her face and she looked away in shame.

"Another god."Leo finished.

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