Chapter 3

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Me and steph were watching a black and white movie , her idea not mine , for pyjamas I was wearing a faded red tank top and some pink and red plaid bottoms and steph was wearing a  faded blue tank top with some blue and black plaid bottoms. We were like twins in a way . The movie had now finished and steph selected another one called " dumb and dumber" I got up to refill the snack bowl with more junk like tootsie rolls , Hershey's and jelly beans. 

Stephanie was starting to doze off so I took a pillow from behind me and threw it in her face making bolt up with a frightened look on her pale face " what was that for " after she recovered from the shock and smiled at me before throwing the pillow. We messed around for half an hour until we were tired and went to sleep. 

My alarm woke us up rather unexpectedly , I jolted up and looked around and seen steph on the floor, I looked at my phone and seen that I had 2 missed calls of zac and 1 of Christina. I rang zac first " hello" he answered , " hi zac" I said , " hey babe how are you" he asked me " im fine , I wish I could see you today" I said . " go downstairs and open the door " he said , I went downstairs through the kitchen and opened the front door, he was standing in front of me with a smile on his face. I jumped into his arms and he spun me around in circles " I missed you so much" he said , " I missed you too" I said back , we pulled away , he leaned in and kissed me, I kissed back . We broke off and he had to go.

I shut the door and went back upstairs and found Stephanie on my bed with my laptop looking at something on the internet with her mouth open , " what you lookn at " I asked her , she turned the laptop around and what I saw shocked me , zac kissing another girl before he came to see me ,  I felt tears coming to my eyes , Stephanie rushed over to me and gave me one of her bear hugs that I love , I broke down in the arms of my best friend , my mom came up " ashleigh what's wrong sweetheart ?" She asked me , I pulled out of stephanies hug and showed mom the laptop , she gasped " oh ash" she said giving me another hug . 

How could he after 2 years of being together he goes and does this . I rang him " hello " a girl answered " hi is zac there " I asked " yeah but he is busy at the minute can I take a message" she said " can you ask him to meet me at the mall at 12 :00 please" " sure of course" " thanks bye " ad I hung up , I got out a a cream skater dress , the necklace my mom gave me  and my cream lace flats , and straightned my hair. 

I was entering the mall when I seen zac with another girl , oh my god is that Christina , I stormed over " oh so this is the girl you were seeing behind my back huh" I yelled at him "babe , I can explain " he stuttered , I turned to Christina " and you were supposed to be my best friend , after everything I have done for both of you this is how you both repay me " I said tears coming out of my eyes , " babe " " save it" I walked away. I wiped my eyes and went home.

I walked through the door and said " mom where are you " I questioned, I heard voices in the kitchen " im in the kitchen darling" I walked into the kitchen where my mom was and seen two people sitting down at the table , I couldn't see their faces though " hi mom "I said , " honey this my friend wendy and her son tobey", they turned around , I couldn't believe who was 4 feet away from me , it was tobey maguire.

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