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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 14

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Niall's pov

Did I hear lauren say she was pregnant? Nah I must be hearing things... Right? " Uh excuse me?" I scratched the back of my head in deep thought, she couldn't be pregnant!

" Uh yea and uh well it's err yours." She smiles nervously and fiddles with her fingers.

Oh. Wow. I looked down at her and smiled a bit. " are you sure it's mine?" I teased rubbing her back gently. Surprisingly I was ok with her being pregnant I mean I've got a nephew now so I kinda now how to take care of a baby and I'm sure I could learn more.

Lauren laughs quietly. " I'm positive now let's go upstairs to talk, dad I want you to come too, so we can explain everything." She nodded and lead us upstairs.

After a few hours of talking Louis finally understood and agreed with everything that had happen and was happy that Lauren was pregnant. We all knew it would be hard with the tour coming in a couple of days but we could make it work, since we were going to be together.

Lauren's pov

Dad had finally left and it was just me and Niall staring at each other, taking in each other's features. " Ya know your stomach is gonna get really big." He laughed loudly and I shushed him by throwing a pillow at his cute face.

" Yea yea don't rub it in." I chuckle quietly and scoot over to relax myself in his arms. " Nothing will change between us right? Now that I'm pregnant and we have known each other for only six or seven months" I looked up at him and at the same time he looked Down at me.

" I don't think anything will change really, until the press find out, things might change a bit then, asking questions, taking pictures, and really I don't know how the fans will react its a bit bigger than Zayn and perrie getting engaged." He sighed and brushed hair from my face. " Don't worry though we can make it through this."

I thought he was right till when I was five months pregnant...

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