Chapter 1

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|°•| Your View |•°|

The car was Zianna's. My neighbor. She knew me very well and she was like a mom to me honestly.I tried to hide but Zianna unfortunately saw me.

"(Y/N)! Why are you outside so late?" I sighed and tried to think of an excuse.

"Uh... I was moving out! And I was about to go.." I trailed off.

"Well it seems you didn't have breakfast yet so! Come, I just picked up my sons, you need to meet them," she giggled. I checked the time. 12:49 am. Mum and dad come home at 8:15 am. So I agreed.

I saw a bunch of dudes at the front, I assumed they were Zianna's sons. I walked up to them and smile sweetly. We then proceeded to go inside their house.

"So (Y/N) these are my sons, Garroth, Zane and Vlyad," they smiled except for Zane.

"Hey, my names (Y/N)," I said. We shook hands and Zianna invited me in the dinning room. I saw Garte so I greeted him a good morning.

There were Waffles, Bacon, eggs, and different kinds of breakfast, I decided to eat (F/B). (It means Favorite Breakfast)

We were eating and talking about video games and books and other stuff.

~•~ Garroth's View ~•~

This (Y/N) was a very beautiful girl and also adorable... and she was wearing a purple sweater and black jeans and white converse, it reminded me of the colors of... SPRINKLES!!! T-T

°••° Vlyad's View °••°

This (Y/N) girl is beautiful, and her voice it's almost as if she was an angel. She was quite understanding as well. Calm, but shy. But either way she was perfect.

|•°| Zane's View|•°|

(Y/N) was understanding. She acted like a friend, like Aphmau. It was nice to have a girl like that. But she was a bit like Aaron, not talkative and she was very shy to talk about her likes. When she would talk she sounded timid. But she's such a sweetheart. I'd love to meet again with her.

~^~ Your View ~^~

Soon it was time to go. But I knew just leaving was rude so I said goodbye to each one of them.

I went up to Garroth first.

"Um... So I have to go, b-but I'd love to meet up and hangout with you sometime, I'm sure Zianna won't mind!" I smiled, he blushed a bright pink.

"Y- yeah, it's nice meeting you, (Y/N)," he returned the smile and we hugged.

Next Vlyad.

"Hey... It was nice meeting you, and-" I got cut off by him hugging me. Aww he's so sweet.

"Thanks for brightening up my day, I'd love to see you at some point in the future," I hugged him back.

"I do too," we let go and I went up to Zane.

"Hi... Zane, I... well Zianna said you didn't like talking to people that much but I had a great time with you and your family," he nodded. And I stood there awkwardly.

"Well then, you gave them a hug why not me?" I can hear him smirk behind his mask.

"Garroth said th- Woah!" He pulled me in to a hug. I giggled and hugged him back. Zianna and the others looked surprised. Probably because Zane was hugging me. We let go and I said my goodbyes to Garte and Zianna.

I waved goodbye and started to my journey to mystreet. This is gonna be fun.

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