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Prankster's P.O.V

Bad Boy was being so nice to me lately and I really liked this side of him, he actually acted normal with me and the past month being friends with him has been amazing. He had just paid for two tickets to go watch 'Friend Request' and I was so excited since it looked awesome. After Bad Boy treated me to a ticket I went and bought a tub of sweet popcorn along with slush for us to share before he took me through to the theatre room.

"This is just like old times ya know!" I told Bad Boy smiling as I remembered when we used to go to the cinema as kids to watch all the new Disney animations.

"I know I just wish we stayed friends all this time and maybe things would end up differently" Bad Boy told me with a sad look on his face for a second before it was replaced with a blank expression.

"Well we could have you know you just had to pick up your phone and call me or at least answer when I rang you" I told him feeling angry all of a sudden, I tried calling him all those years back but he never answered me and then he just disappeared out of my life.

"It wasn't that simple, I didn't have my phone and a lot of shit happened Prankster!" Bad Boy told me looking kind of vulnerable under my gaze.

"Yeah it was simple, use your land line or come over and visit since you're welcome over anytime!" I told him as I heard the film about to start in the background.

"Just leave it Prankster, sometimes you can be such a nosy bitch, no wonder I left you!" Bad Boy shouted in my face with sadness and anger evident on his face and this new side of him scared me, what happened to the happy boy I used to know?

"Screw this, I'm out of here and I'm going on my date with Baxter. Have a fantastic time watching your crappy film!" I shouted getting glares from people around me and all eyes were on me.

Since everyone was looking at me I decided to put on a little show, I grabbed the popcorn and threw it in the air before walking out with sass with every step I took.

"Hey Baxter, want to pick me up now from the cinema? I'm looking forward to our date!" I told him with a flirtatious tone before waiting out front, screw you bad boy.


So a lot happened but you'll find out soon why Bad Boy is so defensive about his past but it would mean a lot if you voted and left a comment about what you thought of this chapter. Thanks for all the reads and votes I have also received, it means a lot! {PICTURE ATTACHED OF BAD BOY}

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