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Beep Be-

I shut the alarm clock off and swung my feet of the edge of my bed. I was moving to my new house. It was 12:20am and I was hoping to move out early just so my parents wouldn't see me.

I changed into a purple sweater, black jeans, and white converse.

I grabbed my bag and some other belongings not leaving anything except for the furniture. I ran downstairs and left a note on the kitchen counter.

Dear Mum and Dad,

I hope you both enjoy me out of the house, since you both don't love me, and both of you abuse me so I decided to go move out. I decided to keep my address a secret just so you don't beat the crap out of me, so goodbye. You are both bitches, Love you. Not.
~Y/N L/N

Both my parents were out so I didn't have anything to worry about. I grabbed some extra cash I saved up and snuck out.

As I started to sneak away quietly, my bags in my arms. I saw a red car drive to the house across the street. I knew who's car that was.

•°•~Aphmau's View~•°•

I went downstairs to find Katelyn on her laptop. I sat beside her and Kawaii~Chan turned on the TV. It was on AoT.

I remembered something that I needed to ask them.

"Girls have you seen Zane... or Garroth or Vlyad? I haven't seen them all day," I asked, both of them looked at me.

"Aphmau~senpai didn't Zane~kun tell you that they we're going back to Ok'hasis to visit their family?" Kawaii~Chan's ear twitched a bit.

"Yeah everyone knew that, even Chad knew," Katelyn averted her eyes back to her laptop.

"Hmm... now that you said that, I remember Vlyad telling me that, but he never told me when," I said.

"Well now is the answer to when," Katelyn mumbled still on her laptop.

I heard the doorbell ring and knew it was Aaron.

"I'll be spending the night in Aaron's house, we are going to have an anime night," they both nodded and I head to Aaron's house, as I went out I heard the two girls squealing. I felt warmth travel up to my cheeks. Gosh darn it!

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