Sci-Fi Round 1 - I.D.E.A.

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Ok this is my short story for the Sci-Fi short story smackdown!


“Come on! Lets go!” I shouted at my Brother. “We are going to miss the hovertrain. It’s gonna pass any minute now!”

“I’m coming Jane, wait up.” He said.

We were just upon the train station when I heard the screaming whistle of the hover train as it approached. “Here it comes Tommy, don’t slow down now we still need to climb the awning. Hurry, give me a boost.”

Tommy boosted me up and I grappled onto the ledge and pulled myself up. I reached back down to Tommy and after pulling him up we raced to the edge where it hung over the tracks. Jumping on moving hover trains wasn’t an easy or safe task, but the only other option we had was walking 400 miles, and I’m not in that great of shape. The magnetic grips we had made things much easier too. I grabbed my grips out of my backpack and tossed Tommy his. We hurried and put them on just in time to jump off the edge and latch on the speeding train.

The train was headed straight to New Amaurot, the capital of the Utopians and home of IDEA. It’s where Tom and I grew up, but it wasn’t where we were headed now. As pleasant as it was I’ll never go back to that ‘heaven’. No, we were headed back towards Anemolia where the outcasts and ruffians, as they called us, lived. It’s an old city, destroyed by the apocalypse wars, this is where I call home now.

Its a few hours until we get back so I guess I’ll start from the beginning; you see me and Tom grew up in Amourot. It was great we had everything we needed and we never needed more than what we had, it was in a word perfect. We went to school and learned English, math and IDEA’s version of history.

We thought we had everything we ever wanted. We would study vigorously, play hard and relax at our favorite tree. It’s called maple steel, and the only breed of tree that survived the apocalypse. They are quite plentiful in Amaurot, Something the scientists at IDEA developed for all the Utopian townships, but then everything was plentiful. We had no money we didn’t need it. Everyone had one set of plain clothes, and everyone had enough to eat.

We could go down to the market whenever we pleased and take anything we needed without paying any more than a polite ‘thank you’ to the merchant. No one worked more than about 6 hours a day, but everyone worked. There are no beggars on our streets and no rich tyrants that sat on their ass doing nothing more than ordering slaves and servants about. Everyone was more or less an equal.

Except for the enlightened; they were the children of mercy and the gods and goddesses in training. You see it all started back a thousand years ago when Thomas Moore, a religious scientist, discovered a way to scan and actually measure the positive radiation of a soul that occupied a flesh and blood host. After this discovery many scientists and religious philosophers came from all over the world to see for themselves or to dispute his claim.

Other scientists added to his work by discovering ways to tag and identify souls as they died and were reincarnated and to follow them over their earthly lifetimes. They discovered at what level souls would no longer reincarnate on earth and so theorized when they would ascend to become higher beings and even gods. Eventually the scientists created IDEA or the Institute of Divine Enlightenment and Ascension.

As you can imagine the faith based religions of the world did not like this new scientific discovery. They did everything to dispute the claims and discredit the scientists. But it was too late people were converting by the millions. It was as futile as trying to convince people of the geocentric theory after man had landed on the moon.

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