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"So, you're an interesting creature," Sarin commented to the Harbinger. She put her foot on it and leaned on her knee to look down.

"This unit hypothesis' your unit's activity is greatly improper," the Harbinger commented.

"What? It's not like you can go anywhere. You might as well be a footrest. Maybe when we get home I can have you set in a table or make a clock. I always wanted a pet rock. Does my new pet have a name?"

"This unit's identified as One of One of Five Nuj."

"I'll just call you Nuj. So, what did you do before becoming furniture?"

"This unit is a set leader, denoted by this unit's coloring."

"Red the color of leadership, it must be a built in universal thing."

"Your unit possesses many colors. What does that denote about your unit?"

"That I can color coordinate and accessorize. The only colors that are important are my wings."


"Please," Sarin finished for it. "Be polite. These are wings, arms, head, and legs," she explained moving each set of appendages. "And then you shake it them all about," she sang with a laugh.

"Subsets, like which your unit removed from this unit's set. What do the colors in your unit's wings symbolize?"

"Black for evil and the red band for war."

"War positive, evil unknown."

"Evil is, well, if you don't know good it doesn't make much sense. Simply, going against everyone's standards."

"Your unit is an errant equation."

"I guess that's a way of looking at it."

"Is your unit a leader of war? Is that why your unit has the bands?"

"Yeah, you could say that. It's not as permanent as I think it is for you."

"Our units perform our part until we move into another protocol set or terminate," Nuj answered.

"Then why are you being so talkative with me? I figure you'd close your set and wait for rescue."

"Chances for rescue approach zero. Closing this unit's set might increase this unit's chances for termination."

"Try and talk your way into being useful?"

"There is no protocol for this set."

"You don't know what to do because none of you ever thought this could happen?" Sarin's laughter rang through the room.


"Positive, that's so cute. I'm going to make a leap here and say our language is not your language. Yet, here you are speaking it up at me. I can't imagine you've learned it in the last twenty minutes."

"The Being So'ach gave us a basic translation of all the languages in your equation."

"And you learned them all?"

"They're stored in the transport unit main set. This unit is accessing your language."

"I suggest you download it. You're going to need it, and get Swedish while you're at it. No one on this rock speaks it and it's so pretty to listen to."

"There is only this unit and your unit in this transportation unit. If this unit translated 'rock' positively."

"That wasn't what I meant, but you're not wrong either."

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