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Sarin stopped at the door leading toward the oncoming Harbingers.

"Ok, I'll need you to open all the doors from here to this intersection." She pointed to seven pods lined up in a row. "But first I need you to make me a dozen half bullet shaped casings without any tips out of the crystal."


"I'm going to see if I can't blow this ship into shards," Sarin answered as she pulled a matchbox-sized machine from her belt. She gave a round for her sniper rifle to Baby Doll to model the casings after.

"This is a big round, but I don't think it'll even scratch the wall with only half a casing."

"I'm not trying to go through the wall. I want them as a directional system."

"It's a straight shot down the hallway. I don't think you'll need the rounds to turn left."

Sarin chuckled. "I'm going to make sonic rounds, but I don't want the sound coming back at us, that's what the shell is for."

Sarin took a dozen regular full metal jacket rounds and set them next to her machine.

"What's that thing?" Baby Doll asked as she handed the first crystal casing to Sarin.

"It's a round making device for when I'm in the field. It's my own design."

"You don't strike me as the engineering type."

Sarin chuckled. "When it comes to bullets and firearms I am."

"That sounds like a weird thing for the daughter of Gjord to specialize in."

"True, Mom didn't put much into my brains. She actually did the designing, my Daddy just paid for it. It was Kita who increased my intelligence so I was on par with her."

"How did Kita do that?"

"No idea. She's never told me. She made a few changes after we got together. I'm now who I wish to be."

"Evil bitch isn't the dream of most girls," Baby Doll answered wryly as she handed another casing over.

"Har har. I wanted to be psychologist, not a physical therapist. Now, I'm a doctor specializing in sex and mood disorders."

"Interesting combination."

"The first is an interest of mine. The second is out of necessity to help Kita when she needs it."

"Study sex? That sounds like it would ruin it."

"I enjoy helping people get the most out of it. I have a vast amount of personal experience," Sarin replied with a casual shrug.

"You went from a playgirl to a single partner? That must have been a shock."

"That was something else Kita helped me with."

"Sounds like she made you into what she wanted."

Sarin looked up from her machine. "We do get accused of that, but I will tell you it isn't true. I would never have allowed her change me to her whim."

"Hey, as long as you're happy or that she made you feel happy about it."

Sarin's eyes narrowed in agitation. "If you don't believe me, talk to Tina or Galina about it."

"You know Kita could fool them."

"You're not going to drive a wedge where someone has tried before. The only thing you're going to do is piss Kita off," Sarin replied going back to her machine. After a few silent minutes, she finished and put her machine away. She unpacked her sniper rifle and put it together. She inserted the magazine and loaded a round.

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