"How'd you do that?" She demanded. Their grenades were standard high explosive.

"Tapped a bunch of bullets to the outside of a grenade," a commando answered.

Baby Doll nodded in approval. "Are you guys alright?"

"They got James," a Commando replied as he started to shoulder the man's body. The other Commando grabbed is pack.

"Let me carry him," Baby Doll offered.

"We carry our own," the commando replied. "It'll only slow us down a touch."

Baby Doll's eyebrow rose. The man was now carrying one and half times is body weight. The petite female picked up the other pack, without even a grunt. Baby Doll was ready to grab her if she fell under a load twice her body weight. The woman shrugged the pack on top of hers and motioned she was ready. Deciding she wasn't going to upset the unit's traditions she led them through the door the Harbingers had come through.

"Dammit," Baby Doll grunted. The other Harbinger groups were converging on her. The others now had a clear path to the pod, but her group had twenty Harbingers coming from three directions.

"We need to set up a defense position. We're not going to be able to push through them."

The Commandoes nodded.

"Can you make some more of those grenades?"

"No problem," the female Commando answered.

Baby Doll opened a series of doors for them. Four doors opened into the main corridor and two between rooms. It would give them a protective route if they needed to withdrawal. When she finished she returned to the Commandoes.

"You have your man's rifle?"

"Sure," the male Commando answered as he gave it to Baby Doll. "Do you know how to use it?"

Baby Doll pulled the charging handle back, checked the chamber, ejected the magazine, and checked the rounds. She slammed the magazine back in and released the bolt to load a round. She adjusted the sights to her. "Yeah, I think I can figure it out."

The Commando nodded.

Checking the map, Baby Doll had a few more minutes to prepare. She decided it was time to start bending the rules. She extruded parts of the floor and walls to create obstacles and cover for them. She created a pit trap full of spikes. She wasn't sure if it would work, but at least it would slow them down.

"They'll be coming in three waves. On my command, throw the grenades and open fire," Baby Doll informed the others. The trio took station in doors and behind a barricade made from the floor. Silently they waited for the far door to open.

"Now," Baby Doll yelled when the first group entered.

The grenades bounced down the floor. One took a bad bounce and landed in the pit trap. The other exploded among the Harbingers. Three of the Harbingers collapsed to the floor. The trio opened fire as the attackers rushed forward.

Without warning, a crystal formed around Baby Doll's neck from behind. A quintet of Harbingers had snuck up behind them. They yanked the Commandoes from their cover, even as they fired into their captors.

Stripped of their rifles, the trio dangled by the neck in front of a red tinted Harbinger.

"So'ach, your presence here is unexpected. You're actions are even more unexpected," the Harbinger commented gliding up to Baby Doll. "Is there a positive reason you are disguised as a chemical reaction from our conquest?"

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