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Baby Doll moved cautiously down the corridor. The map showed a group of Harbingers moving toward them. She held up a fist and her group stopped.

"We'll ambush them here," she said. She opened two doors and they hid just inside the doorways.

"Can't they see us?" The Commando with her asked.

"I've messed with their security system. They're blind."

"Nice, just like Kita," the Commando replied.

Baby Doll's face screwed up annoyed. Her mind wandered to something else that bothered her.

"Did that cat make a pass at me?" She asked rhetorically.

The Commando's reply startled her. "Yes. Panther's known for her sleeping around. So is Tigre. Kami's the only member of the Pride who's partnered and that hasn't stopped her, much."

"Huh? How do you know?" Baby Doll demanded.

"Guard duty and none of them are shy talking about it."

"What's the Pride?"

"Originally it was a just a way for Kita to organization the angels. The Elements are gone. Talon's the only one left of the Owlery. The Pride originally had four, but Tanz was killed fighting in City One. Since then The Pride is just a group mostly interested in carnal pleasures. It's membership changes from time to time. Besides the founding three, I know Raptor, Frostbane, Leo, Spike, Nina, Anthrax, Punishment, and Echo have been members."

"Son-of-a-bitch," Baby Doll answered. "I never would have guessed with some of them."

"I'm surprised you don't know."

"I just joined," Baby Doll answered.

"You're a fast study for a chick."

Baby Doll frowned. "I got special tutorage from Kita."

"There's no one better."

"She instructed you all?" Baby Doll asked curiously.

"By the Crushing Depths, no. She's a horrible instructor. We have our own instructors. We do get some instruction on assassination operations and we do a high altitude parachute drop with her."

Baby Doll chuckled and nodded. She looked at the map and the position of their prey. She motioned to the others to pay attention. The door down the corridor opened and five Harbingers moved in. She let them get close and motioned for the Commandoes to attack.

The three Commandoes leaned out of the doorways and opened fire.

Baby Doll phased into the rear. Her bracer closed around her fist as she struck. Her fist hit the Harbinger's purplish main crystal. Instead of shattering the crystal, it reconfigured around her fist trapping her. The Harbingers ahead of her were absorbing the Commandoes rounds. She punched the Harbinger with her free fist only to have it trapped. She struggled to get free as the Harbinger's double bladed weapon grew from one of the smaller crystals floating around it.

Baby Doll jumped to dodge a swing from the Harbinger. She landed and jumped again swinging herself spinning the crystal creature. Behind her, a commando yelled 'grenade'. Flapping her wings, she twisted the Harbinger again, putting it in between her and the grenade.

The explosion killed four of the Harbingers and wounded the one Baby Doll was stuck in. She jumped strait up and thrust the Harbinger into the ceiling. The force expanded the wound in the Harbinger's crystal. She bounced between ceiling and floor smashing the Harbinger against them. The Harbinger finally exploded in a shower of crystal. Baby Doll landed and looked toward the Commandoes.

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