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The conversation with Panther went much the same as with Tigre.

"Thanks for coming to get us," Panther said gratefully after Baby Doll had healed her.

"I'm not going to let my best pride girls down," Kamikaze answered.

"You always were the best. How's Leo and her dragon doing?"

"They're both injured with a variety of wounds," Baby Doll answered.

"I can't imagine so many wounded. It must be horrible," Panther lamented.

"You can come read to me in the burn ward," Kamikaze replied.

"You, too? How are you here?"

"I'm a god like my Mom," Kamikaze answered shyly.

"And you never told us?" Panther exclaimed excitedly.

"I'm not a good god. I'm the God of Rage."

"There are no good or bad gods, we just are," Baby Doll interjected.

"Not from what I've seen," Kamikaze replied coldly.

"Still, that's exciting," Panther continued ignoring the two beings. "Are you one, Baby Doll?"

"Yeah, I'm the God of Chaos."

"Whoa, you've come to the right place."

Baby Doll nodded with a grin. "I'm finding that out more and more every second."

"So, do I follow you out or what?" Panther urged.

"Not yet. Remain as you are. We'll come for you," Kamikaze instructed.

"Don't keep me waiting too long. I can't wait to sink my teeth into them and rip their throats out."

"I, ah, don't think it works that way," Baby Doll replied with a cringe. "Way to many cat angels," she muttered to herself.

"We'll be back," Kamikaze tried to nuzzle the other cat, but past right through Panther.

"It's the thought that counts," Panther chuckled.

The two beings crossed the pod to one of the cells holding four humans.

"Commandoes," Kamikaze exclaimed.

"The who?" Baby Doll asked.

"They're my Mom's super elite human soldiers. These must be the squad sent to find Jane," Kamikaze replied. She drifted around checking the ranks of the Commandoes. "These are just squad members. We need to find the head sergeant. Let's go check the other room."

"Let's not waste time," Baby Doll countered. She went to each commando and restored them, but kept them unconscious. She next found their weapons in a locker and modified them with crystal rounds. "There when we come back they'll be ready to go."

Kamikaze nodded and floated back to the pod where the other commandoes were being held.

"Here we go, Master Sergeant McGuffey."

They both placed their hands into the human.

"Master Sergeant McGuffey, wake up. This is Kamikaze, Kita's daughter."

"An angel?" McGuffey answered.

"Yes. We're here to get you and your men out."

"I'm sorry, we're in no shape to fight."

"Leave that to me," Baby Doll answered as she restored the big man. "I'll get the rest of your squad fixed up and get you some rifles that'll blow a hole through any Harbinger." She went to each commando and healed them.

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