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Baby Doll winced at seeing the condition of the younger cat. She was in a plastic enclosure as a preventative measure. All of the girl's fur was gone and burnt flesh covered most of her skin. Even on a ventilator Kamikaze's breathing was shallow and labored.

"Poor Babe," Baby Doll whispered. There were several other tents like Kamikaze's. Baby Doll went to each. Two contained human soldiers. Quill, Amber, and Echo filled the remaining space in the burn ward.

Returning to Kamikaze, Baby Doll changed to her Being form. She reached through the plastic and touched the war cat.

"Get up, young one. You're needed," Baby Doll instructed connecting their equations together.

"Who is this?" Kamikaze answered weakly.

"I am So'ahc, a being like you. I need you, E'gar."

"That is not me and never will be," Kamikaze countered.

"You don't have a choice. You can't deny you're birthright any more than your mother could deny hers. We have a mission that will take us to the edge of this equation and beyond. If we're successful it will help defeat our enemy and rescue our friends."

"Why do you need me?"

"Because like me and your Mom, we are part of this equation. Our enemy is part of two equations, but the closer they get to our equation the more they're required to obey the laws of this equation. We will have an advantage; we already know this equation and how to manipulate it effectively. Those stuck in The Gap, the space between the equations, are just beginning to adjust to ours."

"I know nothing of the equation."

"I will teach you on the way."

"Do you even know where our friends are?"

"The Harbingers already in this equation can't go very far into the Gap and neither can our friends. They are most likely in the first assault wave on the capital ship. We will find them and hopefully slow them down when we leave."

"I refuse to be the God of Rage," Kamikaze replied.

"Look into yourself and see what you really are. Filter your feelings and see what lays buried. What did you feel after abandoning your sisters? Kita sacrificing herself for you? What do you feel for Snowy? You are one ball of rage, but smart enough to control it, just like Kita. You can learn to harness it and use it as a weapon or you let it build until you can't control it and you become a raging monster. The choice is yours. Not becoming a Being is not an option."

"What of my body here?"

"It will be here when you get back, then you can return to your slumber. Or, you can remain in this form until it's healed."

"I didn't think that's possible."

"Neither did I, until Kita did it earlier," Baby Doll admitted. "We must hurry. The longer we take the sooner Kita will be awake."

"Why is this so urgent?"

"Your sister, Arial, is dead and Snowy is incapacitated."

"Arial's dead?" Kamikaze shock sent her equation out of balance as her emotional variables entered her equation.

"I'm sorry. We tried to save her."

"Is Angela, ok?"



"She's badly injured, but the prognosis is she'll recover in a couple of weeks."

Kamikaze was quiet for a long time.

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