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Baby Doll flittered around the top of Tina's shield. They were in the middle of the fourth drop and the attacks were becoming more intense as the Machines choice of targets diminished. To counter this she had more angels to defend, but it was taking its toll on the soldiers.

"Sheppard," Raptor called over the comm. "Site seven be taken a direct hit by worm spit."

"Can you see the extent of the injuries?" Baby Doll asked, cutting off Sheppard.

"I not be looken good from here."

Baby Doll called for Arial and Kamikaze over the comm. All she got back from Kamikaze was a half grunt.

"Valentine, Spike, Quill, Amber, follow me to help them," Baby Doll ordered. "Leo, take over."

Leo acknowledged as the rescue party took off into the dark sky for the quick flight to the bombarded rally point.

"Burning sands," Amber exclaimed. "They took a direct hit."

The Machine worms were not very accurate and often hit more Machines than humans. When they did hit, the damage was catastrophic.

"I can't see a damn thing, the Machines are everywhere," Amber announced looking down.

"There and there," Valentine pointed.

Baby Doll cringed. Arial was strewn across the ground and missing several of her limbs. Kamikaze lay half buried under a mountain of dirt. It was keeping Machines from trampling her. The bodies of the soldiers were everywhere. She didn't think they could recover all of them.

"Galina, do you think you can put up your shield."

"Go spit, English dog," Punishment replied.

"Stow you're venom. I need you to get us some space so we can rescue the soldiers at point six. Or are you too injured?"

"Open a gate, dog, and I will save you."

Baby Doll opened the gate and Punishment glided through.

"Alright, I'm going to go first and blast us out some space. Galina will put up her shield and the rest of us will kill any remaining Machines. Once they're gone we find any wounded and grab the bodies. I've diverted a shuttle to us so we'll have to defend it as it makes its round trip."

"Go make us a hole," Valentine urged.

Baby Doll flipped in the air darted toward the ground. Before she landed a horizontal blue shockwave blew most of the Machines back a hundred yards. She blasted several swarmers that had ducked under her blast.

Coming down the other angels started driving the Machines back even further. The shuttle came in fast and flared hard to land with a hard thump. Inside a team of twenty-five soldiers rushed out to help grab the wounded and dead.

"I've got Kami," Quill yelled.

"How is she?" Baby Doll asked.

"Alive, but that's all I can say."

Baby Doll opened a gate. "Get her through and get back." She turned to everyone else. "If you find someone wounded critically take them through the gate."

Baby Doll jumped and crushed a swarmer that had escaped notice. When she flipped off, she spotted one of Arial's legs. She winced when she picked it up; the leg was Arial's human one.

"Did anyone find Arial?" Baby Doll asked.

"I have what's left of her," Amber replied.

"What's her status and what are we missing?"

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