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"What's the status, Admiral?" Baby Doll asked as she appeared from her RGT gate.

"None of your business," Sheppard replied not bothering to turn and face Baby Doll.

"It is now. Kita and Snowy are injured. That leaves me."

"I don't know what you're thinking, but you're not in the chain of command of anything."

"I think Kita would say differently," Baby Doll answered patiently.

"Until she does, I need all available to cover the withdrawal. The space you and Kita vacated has left a hole."

"Is this enough of a sign for you," Baby Doll held up her hand. A gold ring with an emerald set on the top was on her ring finger.

"Were did you steal that from? Kita's going to be pissed that you have it," Sheppard replied as her mouth fell open.

"She gave it to me. Here, have a look," Baby Doll took it off and handed it over.

Sheppard took it and looked it over. It had the initials 'P.L.' engraved on one side and an oak tree on the other. Engraved on the inside was 'Kerri, I love you from now until the end of Infinity'. Sheppard handed it back.

"You're getting yourself into a mess of trouble. When Jane comes back, she's going turn you inside out. You should tell Kita she's got enough in her rucksack."

"It was me that told her. I will handle things as they come."

"You're a fool," Sheppard replied shaking her head.

"I told myself for seventy thousand years I didn't want or need love. I sure as hell didn't believe it struck you out of the blue. Now that I suddenly find myself in love, I feel like a new world is opening up. I'm not going to let this pass me by, even if it's for only a little while. Better to love and lose and the rest of it. How many chances does one get, you know?"

Sheppard shrugged.

"So where are we?"

"Down to the withdraw of our troops. Ruby's little stunt has left that area extremely weak."

"Then we'll have to do a fighting withdrawal. Use the high angels to shield the village and the shuttles. I'm going to open the bay doors and see if I can divert some machines into the base."

"I thought we were trying to keep them out of there so we can blow it. And how are we going to do that without Kita?"

"We've got everything we can out of there. I can blow the facility."

"Sheppard," came a calm, melodic voice over the comm.

"What is it, Tina?"

"Jewels is badly injured. Talon and I were able to rescue her, but she needs help. Talon also needs some aid."

"Christ on the cross," Sheppard hissed.

"Do you need a gate?" Baby Doll asked.

"If you can," Tina replied.

Baby Doll got what she needed and opened it for the tiny angel.

"That's four in the ward," Sheppard grunted.

"What's the status of the others?"

"I haven't asked. I..." A giant explosion threw Sheppard from her float chair before she could finish. "What in the bloody blazes was that?"

"Worms," Baby Doll answered. "We need to get out of here right now, before they pulverize us."

"I can't call an all out retreat. We don't have a landing area big enough."

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