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Further down the line the gems could see the other angels pushing the Machines backward while they stood with the troops on the defensive line. They'd only been attacking those Machines that came in close.

"Damn, look at them go," Diamond commented. They couldn't see anyone any longer, just the explosions and flying debris.

The trio of dragons raced overhead, blowing a mixture of acid and fire. From the direction of the village, a fiery trail backlit even more angels coming to join the defense. Suddenly, farther down the line Raptor and Tenshi left the line to start attacking the Machines.

"I thought we were defending, not attacking," Emerald protested.

"Is this Kita's idea of defense?" Diamond asked Ruby.

"I have no idea," the ghost angel replied. "But I'm not going to stand here and look stupid," she drew ghostly swords and hopped up out of the slit trench while the bullets from the troopers around them continued to fire.

"Hey, what up," Diamond yelled trying to catch up with ghost. "You know this isn't very smart," she yelled after Ruby.

Ruby turned to face the other two angels. She started to speak and to her surprise, her ghostly cold voice carried far and wide. "I will not standby and go quietly into the night. I fear not death or our enemy. They will fear me. I will slaughter those who stand in my way. If I'm going to die today, then let me do it like a warrior and let me claim my place in the Crushing Depths. For there is no better way to spend all eternity then fighting two miles beneath the waves. Until then, they will have to do."

To her surprise, pipes began to play the anthem of the Roses, Arcone the Brave. As the three angels charged forward, the soldiers in the trenches mounted their bayonets, drew their swords, and with a loud roar followed Ruby Rose and the other two Arconian angels.

Kita, Snowy, and Baby Doll stood in a circle taking a quick break as they'd been herded together. They three stood waiting patiently for the Machines to make their move. They could have attacked, but Kita was interested in other things.

"So, I need to talk to you about something, Pretty Kitty," she yelled over the sounds of the battlefield.

"And what's so important you have to bring it up now?"

"Baby Doll," Kita answered.

"Oh hell. Really? I thought she wasn't interested."

"I can't help it. People find me irresistible."

"Uh-huh. Kerri, are you really that desperate or stupid?" Snowy asked with a light laugh.

"I, I just..." Baby Doll stammered. "I'm sorry..."

"Don't be sorry, but know there are easier people to love. Jane's not going to like this, Kitten."

"She's not here right now and will get over it," Kita answered blasting a swarmer.

"You really think so?" Snowy asked.

"No, but she doesn't get a choice. My heart, not hers."

"She'd say differently."

"She'd have to say a lot to change my mind, but she's definitely not changing my heart."

"She's going to kick Kerri's ass from here to the moon and back, and I'm talking Earth's moon."

"Hey, I can take care of myself," Baby Doll replied angrily, turning her back momentarily on the Machines.

"Look out," Snowy cried shoving Baby Doll into the dirt. The big cat fired a black lightning bolt into a seeker. The bolt split and struck another pair of Machines behind it.

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