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Kita finished burning the last hole in the hanger bay floor and dropped a red ball the size of a beach ball in. She melted the sides of the hole and it collapsed burying the ball. She'd streaked through the facility dropping red balls everywhere following the plans Valentine had given her. Her goal was to leave nothing but a crater, maybe hit a magma chamber, and entomb everything under very dense lava rock.

Right now, she'd have to wait. "Sheppard, Valentine, Megan," she called. "The facility is ready to blow as soon as everyone is clear. What's the status?"

"The rapid response teams just landed and Amber's getting them into position. The bombers are loaded and ready. Paladin should be dropping in the next ten minutes," Sheppard reported.

"We've got about half of all the data uploaded. I'm running out of space. Can I get a Vicereine's override to take over commercial and personal space?" Valentine asked.

"Granted," Kita said immediately.

"People and material are nearly out, except the destroyer service crews. They'll be the last out. We've grabbed as many tools and parts as we can, but most of the big stuff is going to have to be left behind," Megan answered.

"We've got no choice," Kita replied.

"The destroyers Prime and Rock Crusher are still in the process of powering up. Even with their emergency power up procedure, it's still going to take another fifteen minutes. Devastator and TNT are already moving on across the sea floor on the way to Hades."

"Good. I'm watching them power up now. How's the rest of the evacuation?"

"From the reports I've received they've reached eighty percent of the villages across the islands and boats are sailing. The villagers being airlifted out are ready and waiting. Nonessential facility staff is there as well."

"Excellent," Kita answered.

"Kita," Punishment called.

"What is it, Galina?"

"I think I might have a way of stopping them. It won't help us now, it'll take more than two hours to get the satellite into position, but we can plug the holes."

"What do you mean?" Kita demanded. "None of the orbital guns are operational yet."

"It's not a gun, but a kinetic weapon. We developed it in case we never got the guns working. It's been kept a secret by the ISS, because we didn't want the military relying on it. The calculations and models show it'll explode with the force of a medium sized hydrogen weapon."

"What is it exactly?" Kita demanded.

"They're called rods. They're several hundred yards across made of super-dense materials. We move the satellite over the target and we drop a rod. Gravity does the rest. We've calculated accuracy within several tens of meters."

"Bloody moons," Kita whispered. "How long to get them into position?"

"Two hours, but you should be warned we're going to blow the tops off of those volcanoes."

"I don't care. If this can set them back, I'll sacrifice the islands."

"Kita, you can't," Megan protested. "It's been home for eons."

"Would you rather they become the first Machine colony above ground or giant craters proving that we can deny them?"

Megan was quiet.

"Where are the Sheppard?"

"Moving down the slope. They're moving faster on the far side. Those approaching us seem to sense they're going to meet resistance. The dragons are about half done preparing the first lines of defense."

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