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Baby Doll sat quietly by herself munching on plate full of fruit. She picked up a piece and held it up. A braid came over squirted some whipped cream on it. A hushed, but urgent set of whispers back and forth in front of her caused her to look up. A group of children was staring at her, while trying hard not to look at her. One was finally pushed forward to be the spokesperson.

"Yes?" She asked gently.

"I, ah, we, ah..." The boy stammered.

"Just ask her," a girl urged.

"We wanted to know if you were really one of the light people," He said very slowly.

"Yes," Baby Doll answered just as slow.

"Can you do magic?" A little girl asked excitedly.

"Sure," the brawler angel replied condescendingly.

"Can you do a trick for us?"

"You mean creating a ghost wasn't enough of one? What would you like?"

"A pony," she said immediately.

"Ah..." Baby Doll quickly carved a piece of pineapple into the shape of a horse. "Here."

"A real pony," she protested.

"I can't do that."


"Magic has rules. How about this," Baby Doll clapped her hands together, when she pulled them apart a parrot sat in her hands. "Hello, Polly," she said stroking it under the beak.

"Hello, Baby Doll," it answered.

"Here you want it?" Baby Doll asked the girl.

"Wow," she said as Baby Doll passed the bird off to the girl.

"Can you do another one?" A boy asked.

"Sorry, I'm only moving and increasing the intelligence of one bird."

"Oh," the boy frowned.

Baby Doll sighed. "Here." She reached behind the boy's ear and pulled out a cat. "Let it and the bird play together."

"Won't the cat eat the bird?" The girl asked.

"Damn, you figured me out. Go play."

"Do one more," asked a little girl from the back.

"What do you want?" Baby Doll asked.

"I don't know..." She replied shyly.

"Great, you want me to read your mind," Baby Doll muttered. She sat back and looked at the little girl. "Sorry, I can't be your mom, but I can do the next desire." Opening a RGT gate she pulled through a man in mechanics overalls of one of the destroyers stationed on the main continent. "Is this your daughter?"

"Yes," he answered surprised at where he was.

"Good, she wanted to see you. Now, the lot of you get out of here." Baby Doll got up from the table, took two steps, and vanished.

"That was cool trick," the little girl said astonished.

"Really? That's all it took?" Baby Doll commented out of the ether.

The kids jumped as Baby Doll's laughed slowly faded away.

Baby Doll appeared on the other side of the festival. Looking at the table of food, she decided she wasn't hungry.

"Too much of a good thing?" Kamikaze asked from behind. Tenshi stood with her.

"Were did you get something raw?" Baby Doll asked.

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