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Snowy entered the room where Kita had made the announcement hours earlier. Due to circumstances, the debate that raged earlier now appeared to be a flogging of a very upset Arial. Valentine sat quietly seemingly ignoring what was going on around her. Amber sat with the others looking annoyed. Before Snowy could do anything, Arial had another rescuer.

"Stop it, all of you," Kamikaze snarled and then roared to let everyone know she was serious.

The room went quiet as everyone turned to look at Snowy and the other angels.

"How dare you and attack her like she's some human trash," Kamikaze continued. She phased to her sister's side. "Are you ok, Arial?" She asked the visibly upset angel.

"Yes, Kitty. I'm alright," Arial replied quietly. It was hard to hear any inflection or emotion in her voice through the speaker.

"Look at you," Kamikaze yelled at the others. "You're doing the exact same thing you say you despised my Mom for doing. You're all pathetic and hypocritical. I'm ashamed to call any of you my friend. The same goes for you," Kamikaze said pointing at Valentine. "You scoffed at the idea of indifference, yet here you are, coward. Come on, Arial. Let's get out of here and leave this bunch of arrogant peacocks to Mother."

Snowy looked at the rest of the arguing angels. "I don't think I have say anything more about that. You angels," Snow pointed to the ten, "are leaving. You can go back to KitaCorp, Base Station, Hades, or hell for all I care. You are not staying here and making a mockery of this funeral. A shuttle will be here quickly."

"Why am I getting thrown out?" Valentine demanded.

"Ruby was one of us," Diamond protested. "She's out friend. We aren't leaving."

"Kita wouldn't allow this," Megan said forcefully.

"It didn't take long for dictator Snowy to return," Amber commented unhappily.

"Do you know the root of that word?" Snowy asked. "In ancient Rome when the republic was under attack and Senate was paralyzed, the Senate would elect a single person to rule the Republic during the crises. Once the threat has passed the dictator would hand back power."

"Yes and Caesar refused to give it back," Valentine retorted.

Snowy shrugged. "Even I render unto Caesar. If you wish to discuss handing back power, take it up with Kita. Until then, I will continue performing the duties of the office of Vicereine."

"Leo is our leader, not you," Jewels pointed out.

"Right now, I am. If you refuse to go, I will make you go."

"Try it," Valentine snarled. "There's nothing you can do that I can't counter."

"Really?" Snowy asked as her eyes went white. An invisible force pulled the ten together in the center of the room. Shields from multiple angels went up, but shattered with a wave of Snowy's hand. Snowy pulled the invisible force tighter, crushing the angels.

"Snowy, stop," Phoenix yelled. "Please?"

Snowy immediately let the angels go, leaving them gasping and rubbing sore spots.

Phoenix rushed to Valentine, who fared better than the others did. Snowy, walked over to the young angels.

"Are you alright?" Snowy asked the angel of hearts.

"How did you do that?" Valentine asked far more reverently than earlier.

"How do you think?" Snowy asked. "One doesn't need to be a god to control the universe. You just have to know how." She turned her attention to the other angels. She waved a hand and healed them. "The shuttle leaves in twenty minutes. You're either on it or come to terms with what happened and participate to show respect to a fallen comrade. Your objections to the handling of the situation are noted and the lessons learned by Kita, Baby Doll, and Me. I hope you all learn from it, too. Now, we have six hours until dusk and a lot to do."

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