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Kita's long black shadow passed over the group of Arconians headed for the funeral site. They were armed with hand tools and determination. The shadow that passed over them didn't go unnoticed. Neither did the four other shadows that went overhead. The group continued on moving slightly faster. When the three dragon shadows engulfed them they broke out in a dead run.

The shadows of the angels made a large turn and then disappeared. The sand erupted to the group's right. Leo stood in the center. Her cougar face scowling and baring her fangs. The sand exploded on their right revealing Anthrax and her menacing shark's tooth grin. To their front, the sand swirled in a raging dervish that finally exploded in a scouring sand storm, revealing Baby Doll. Her braids weaved back and forth, as she smiled wickedly. The two great pink and white dragons and the elder blue dragon landed behind them horned covered tails and heads swayed back and forth menacingly. The meteor strike landed in the middle of the group blasting men and sand in all directions. Kita stood anger and hate blazing across her face as the wind she'd created flapped her skirt back and forth.

"You," she pointed to Grand Chieftain Ian, "drag your worthless, animated corpse here before you become just a corpse."

Ian pushed himself to his knees and made a face as he brushed some of the sand out of his wounds. "We don't answer to you. You are a Rose, but not The Rose."

"You pitiless fool," Kita snarled as she raised a hand. As if pulled by strings Ian flew into Kita's grasp. "Everyone answers to me. I am you Rose. I am your Vicereine. I am your god."

"I knew this day would come," Ian choked out.

"You might want to check your attitude at the door, there skirt wearer," Baby Doll warned. "The last thing you want to do is piss a god off. I don't think she'll go through the trouble of restarting your equation. I know I wouldn't."

"Tisk, tisk, Kitten," Snowy mussed coming out from behind Baby Doll. "Is this any way to treat a pillar of Arconian society and politics? I mean, he is just trying to destroy the funeral pyre of an Arconian angel. He should be treated with respect," Snowy announced as she walked around Ian and sniffed him. A claw slid out and she traced it along the side of his face. "At least, give him a head start, say to the tree line? Then I'll go after him," Snowy growled lowly in Ian's ear. "How much will you scream as I gut you like a pig, rip your arms off, and eat them while you watch?"

Ian's eyes shifted sideways trying to see Snowy.

"The rest of you, back to the main village with you," Kita ordered. "If I so much as hear any of you stepped foot outside the village until you're called I'm going to turn you over to the dragons to fight over who gets to eat you."

"She's dishonored. She doesn't deserve a warrior's burial. You will dishonor all of us by giving her one," a chieftain Kita didn't know replied.

"I decide what my angels get when they die. She fought to defend these islands for hundreds of years. That sounds like she's worthy of a warrior's burial. If you don't like that she chose to die to preserve her honor than live dishonored, there," Kita pointed out to sea, "is the road back to Arcone. Feel free to start walking."

Kita spiked Ian hard into the sand. "As for you, I've had enough of you. Start running. I'm giving you a minute head start before Snowy goes after you. I hope you kept those weapon skills sharp."

Ian stood still in disbelief.

"One, two...You better getting moving," Kita instructed.

With a gulp, Ian took off.

"The rest of you get moving or I won't give you a sporting chance. I'll just feed the dragons."

The large group of Arconians picked up their tools and started to head back the way they came. The dragons stepped aside and let the worried looking humans through. Kita and the other angels watched them go.

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