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Baby Doll followed Snowy into the dorm area of the penthouse. Unlike the penthouse in KitaCorp, which was lots of wood, carpeting, soft lighting, and painted walls, the décor here was mostly finished metal, brightly lit, some facades, and lots of greenery.

"So, where am I crashing?" Baby Doll asked the stoic war cat.

"I don't know. I guess for now you can crash in our room."

"Don't sound so excited. I can go find my own place."

"No, I just hate times like these. The group is going to be a mess, Kita's going to be a bigger mess, and the usual people that help steer everyone through are not in the positions they once were."

"You mean Megan."

"She's one."

"You? Why won't the listen to you?"

"Because of the last five years. The only reason I'm on the inside looking out is because of Kita. Once the fur flies I'll be able to take care of Kita, I hope. The rest of the group is on its own."

"Well, glad I'm here then."

"They're not going to listen to you, either."

"Why not? They did on the shuttle."

"You didn't say a word."

"I didn't have to. I talked both Leo and Spike down. Once they were calm they could do it on their own."

Snowy's whiskers twitched in surprise.

"What? You think I'm just a party girl?"

"No. You're a Legion commander and should know how to do such things. That you're willing and want to is what surprises me. You struck me as they kind that wouldn't care unless you had to."

"Who's saying I didn't have to? Kita wanted me for a very specific reason, experience. She also expected me to dole it out as needed. Even I've got a job besides bashing heads."

"Every once in a while Kita surprises me."

"How so?"

"She thinks ahead."

"Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Miss impulsive is still a champ at doing the least expected."

"I take it you had your fill?"

"I rarely minded. We ended up in some interesting places with some interesting people. The inside of her head, once outside her castle, is insane. Makes Wonderland feel like Pride and Prejudice."

"Is that where you went? I've never been outside the castle grounds," Snowy admitted.

"It's definitely Kita, that's for sure."

Snowy opened the door and let them in.

"Damn, this is nice and plush," Baby Doll said looking around. You couldn't tell you were on a station. "I knew Kita was a rich bitch, but not like this."

"It's Jane's doing, actually. Kita's a noble, Jane is a rich bitch," Snowy replied.

"Kita told me about her. They seem to be volatile."

"Jane was very good at keeping Kita in line. What she couldn't do is operate in Kita's absence. She couldn't handle power or child raising," Snowy replied sadly.

"I kind of got the impression from Kylee. That girl has seen and experienced stuff she shouldn't have."

Snowy went rigid.

"Don't worry, its intuition talking. No one told me anything and I won't mention it to Kita."

"How can you tell?"

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