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when we got to roll call the teacher was already there, so we went straight up and sat in our seats i like this roll call teacher because she lets us talk all of roll call i looked at my timetable and asked "what have you got next "

"i don't know" she replied "what about you" i looked at my timetable , it said art then english .yes !! two hours with my best friend Jordan

OK so i have a little crush on my best friend suddenly i realized that jess was expecting an answer so i said "English then art"

"oooh"she said"two hours with Jordan"

"shut up" i said blushing . well it felt like i was blushing so i asked "am i blushing

"no"she said then she whispered "vampires don't blush"

"right" i said "i knew that" . at least it would be easier to lie to Jordan . he figured out that i blush when i lie but i don't want to lie i argued with my self well i have to but i don't want to .i ignored myself  then suddenly remembered some thing "Jess"i said "do you have the lapis lazuli ring"

"oh"yeah" she said searching her pocket she pulled out a silver ring with little blue and gold gems on it . "luckily its overcast " i said as i put the ring on .now my true self is properly hidden.


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