Goodbye my Home...Hello New World, and Smell?

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Mud looked at her island as they sailed away. It felt strange to leave the only place she knew and she sure was going to miss all the animals. Maybe they could go visit every once in a while. “Mud?” She turned to see Selena with a man and woman who she said was her parents. In Selena’s hands was something purple. “Here’s something to wear. It’s a dress so it won’t be hard to put on.” Mud took it and with help from Selena got it on.

“How long were you out there Mud?” The pretty woman, with light blonde hair and blue eyes, asked with a soft voice.

“Since I was very little.”

And you do not remember anything about your life before?” She shook her head. “When did first turn into a wolf?”

“About three winters ago just before fall.” They looked at each other. “Why do you ask?”

“Well sweetheart, all werewolves first turn when they are fifteen and if it is true it was three winters ago you are 18 years old. And that’s quite a long time to be out there on your own.”

“I wasn’t alone. I had Roger. Is he alright?” When the other man took Roger through some open space in the wall and sealed it Mud grew fearful.

The dirty blonde hair man answered. “He is fine. Daniel gave him some pills to go to sleep so he would not feel the pain. He said he will come get you when he wakes up.” Mud nodded and continued staring out into the ocean. “When we get back we want you to make yourself as comfortable as possible. You are officially a part of our pack until we find yours and so you are now family.” Mud looked at the woman who was giving a kind smile. Mud remembered this smile but could not pinpoint a face to whom it belonged to. It felt so right to Mud that she leaned in and rested her head on the woman’s shoulder who then wrapped her arms around. “Shh my child. You are safe now.”

In the woman’s arms Mud felt safe, though in the back of her head, something was not right.

After a day at sea they pulled up into their private port in Maine. The only ones there were the people who worked that port and a few fishing boats. Selena watched with amusement as Mud poked at the wooden dock before stepping on it. She laughed and began jumping up and down. “Wood, wood. Strange trees you have.”

Selena and her mom giggled. “No Mud, this is called a dock. We take the wood from trees to make it.”

Mud frowned, “well that’s not very nice.” She then turned as Daniel carried Roger off. Roger looked pissed to Selena. “Sorry Roger but I can’t carry you, you’re heavy.” Mud smiled as Roger began barking. “You’re the one who ate the rest of that lion. You let yourself go too much.” Roger growled as we left the dock.

When they got to the cars, two black Mercedes, Mud gasped and began running around the cars. Even crawled up on one. “What is this?”

Selena grabbed Mud’s arm and dragged her down as the adults laughed. “Mud, these are called cars. They take us places so we don’t have to walk.”

“Wow.” Selena smiled and helped Mud in the car. The girls took one as the boys, plus Roger, took another. “I hope Roger’s ok?” Mud wondered, staring at the car in front.

“He’s squirming but Uncle Daniel says he’s fine.” Mud gave her a questioning look. “We can speak to each other through our minds, like we did when we were wolves.”

“Can I do that?” Selena shook her head. “Only our bloodline can do it. Each Alpha bloodline gets a special gift and my family can communicate through our thoughts. If you come from an Alpha bloodline you should have a special gift too.” Mud scrunched her eyes, not liking all this information.

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