(Y/N) P.O.V
Before Thomas and I went to the cabin we called the police. Right now the police are surrounding the cabin as Thomas and I prepare to go in. "Know remember we have a microphone hooked up to (Y/N). Once you have your daughter just say mangoes loud enough for the microphone to pick up and we'll barge in" a policeman said. Thomas and I nodded and walked in. "Well, well, well. Look it's your mommy and daddy here to save you. Stay there or I'll cut it" Roxanne says. She was holding Marcellette by the hair with a knife to the throat. Marcellette was crying much. Thomas and I stopped and put our hands up. "Thomas come forward slowly. Than I'll let go of her" Roxanne said as she laughed. Thomas was walking toward Roxanne and once he got there Roxanne let go of Marcellette and grabbed onto Thomas. Marcellette ran to me and hide behind my leg. Before you know it Thomas punched Roxanne and I screamed Mangoes. The police came rushing in as I picked up Marcellette and Thomas ran to us to give us a hug. "I love you both so much" he said. "We love you too" I said. After that we did all the things you do after these types of things happen.(I don't actually know what you do) We went back home.
I have no idea what happened to this chapter but you know let's try something new. Sorry this was awful.

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