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2 weeks later...

Mia's P.O.V

I text Steph, telling him thanks for the phone and everything else.

I turned off my phone, placing it in my locker. You'll never believe the case on my phone.

Yup that's right, Stephen Curry.

Yup that's right, Stephen Curry

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(Case shown in media)

Oh yeah, I'm also decorating my locker in Warriors stuff. From Steph Curry, to Draymond Green.

Yeah, I know.

No one has noticed that I'm Steph's daughter yet. Well, adopted daughter, but whatever.

Steph said he's taking me somewhere after school today. I can't wait, but I'm not really one to go for surprises.

It's whatever though.


"Your Math Homework for tonight is the Parallel lines worksheet. Work on that. If you're done, you can move on to Unit 1, Lesson 12"Mr. Scott said

We all nod, marking it down in our books. Since Daniel is sitting in front of me in this class, I had to hand the papers up toward him.

He hasn't talked to me in two weeks, but I guess I'm not bothered by it. I've been just fine.

My thoughts were abruptly interrupted by the sound of the bell. I stood up, gathering my things.

I made my way into the hallway, walking to my locker. I opened it, only to have it closed again.

I looked to see Daniel standing there.

"Hey!"I say, shocked

"I need to talk to you"he said

"About what? Don't you have a girlfriend to worry about?"I ask, opening my locker again

He closed it...again. I glare at him.

"Please Mia"he said

"About what?"I say

"About you not talking to me"he said

Wait a minute, hold the phone!

"Me not talking to you? You're the one who blew up on me about not telling you what was the matter with me"I say

"Mia-"I cut him off

"How about you ask Grace what's wrong with me Daniel? Maybe she'll tell you because she's the reason for all of this"I say

He stared at me, sadly. I opened my locker, shoving my books in angrily. I close the locker.

"Good luck in the game after school"I say

I turn to walk away, leaving him to call after me.

I'm not doing this drama mess.

Daniel's P.O.V

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