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Imagine her(me) in short boy-ish hair



"Jimin.. Crystal wants to come to our costume party" Jungkook said as the older boy walked inside

"Sure.. which charatcer?" He asked and sat down

"Ken kaneki" i answerd simply and he nodded, we fontinued the episode and snowy was sleeping soundly on Jungkook's lap


Sometime into the final episode, i felt sleepy, so i went to bed first while i let the rest compelete

"Hyung... what do it do?!" I heard Jungkook in a panic voice

"Calm down, just wait and see if she is dating Taehyung"

>next morning<

I got up early because i felt a purring sound along with breathing on my face


I opened my eyes to find snowy laying on my chest, sniffing my face

"Hey there.. what are you doing snowy?" I smiled and sat down, rubbing my eyes and streching

"Morning life" i mumbled and carried her, getting out of bed and putting here in the bethroom incase she needed to use it, i went to the sink and brushed my teeth

"I guess i will go get a haircut and dye it white" i sighed but put a smile

I picked out some simple clothes, taking snowy out and cleaning the floor

"Good morning baby girl" i giggled and pet her before she walked into the living room, i went inside the bathroom and took a shower.

Done showering, fresh out of the bathroom, time to dry my hair and fix my morning face

"Good morning" i heard a husky voice from behind me

"Morning kook" i said, filling in my eyeliner

"Where are you going?" He asked

"Out with Taehyung, he will take me to a salon"

"I got an idea for the party" i finished then looked at him


"Why don't i dress up as the boy kaneki and you dress up as a girl?" I rolled my eyes

"Okay.. whatever you say... sex partner" he was a bit taken a back by those words, i took my bag and car keys, passing by him

"Morning" Jimin rubbed his eyes and i just left the apartment.

I went outside the apartment building, only to find Taehyung outside

"Hey" he greeted and i continued walking towards him

"Morning!" I excalimed and then looked around

"Tae.. i can hook you up with my friend" he raised his eyebrows

"Ji-nya? Ji-hyun? Sunni?" I shook my head

"Ji-nya" he looked up before smiling

"Do you have a plan?" I smirked and nodded

"Sure.. what is it?" I leaned into his ear

"I want to act as if i am inlove with you to get him jelous, i want him to know how i felt" he smirked

"If you are willing to do it" i suggested

"Why not?" He smirked

"My crush on you had die down so.. its fine" i sighed in relief

"Where are we going?" He asked and i took him to my car

"I want to go to the salon, fix up my hair"

"We have a costume party with Jimin hyung, want to join?"

"I am already in.. silly" i giggled and buckled up, putting the key in the ignition

"Who are you going as?" He asked as i drove outside the basement

"Girl version of kaneki, Jungkook will be the boy version" i fixed the mirror and then stopped by a red light

"I know my friend who works in a salon, Jimin knows him.." Taehyung trailed off, telling me the adress

"Who is he?"

"Seokjin hyung, but we call him Jin" he smiled and we continued to chat until i got a call

"Hello?" I said and Taehyung kept bugging me

"Haerin-ah" it was Jimin

"Yeh?" I replied

"Can you get me some milk on the way? I will pay you back" he pleaded and i nodded

"Sure" i giggled and ended the call


We arrived in the salon and Taehyung talked to a taller boy who had wide shoulders and pretty face

"Good morning Miss Park Haerin, i will be your stylist Kim Seokjin or Jin" he smiled and shook my hand

"You are handsome" i accidentally said and immidiatly realised, he chuckled

"Thank you, what do you want me to do for you today?" He asked and sat me down in the washing chair thingy

"I want to have pixy, white hair" he nodded and started to wash and condition my hair, adding some vitamins, etc..

"Sit down here and relax" he wrapped a towel around my hair and sat me down on a chair, going inside a room and coming back out with a trolly(salon) full of things

"You want a pixy hair cut?" He asked and dryed my hair with the towel

"Yes" i nodded and he smiled

"Jungkook talks about you alot, do you know him?" I nodded and he started to cut my hair

"I heard you will be attending the small costume party" i nodded again and he pulled out my bangs

"Left or right?"

"Right side" he nodded and started to cut it

"What college do you go to?" He asked and dryed my hair

"I homeschool for now, i don't really like to socialize"

"Ohh" he nodded and went back

"Like this?" I touched my newly cut, short hair, i was amazed and really happy the way it looked

"It's awesome!" I laughed happily and he just smiled

"Glad you liked it, now wait here while i get the dye ready" i nodded and he went back inside

"Okay" i put two thumbs up and Taehyung came inside

"Woah.. you looks so cool" his jaw dropped

"I know mah style" i acted tough but then broke into fits of giggles

"Now i want to go out with Ji-nya" i laughed and Jin came back inside with two bowls of dyes

"We have to bleach your hair twice then color it white" i nodded and he applied the cold bleach on my hair

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