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  "I'm alright." Andrea replied, putting as much conviction in her voice as she possibly could. It wasn't that she just wanted Bucky to believe it, but she wanted herself too as well. Though, as much as they both knew that Bucky wasn't convinced, the Barnes man said nothing and instead gave her hand a small squeeze of reassurance.

  "You need to learn to stop worrying." Was all he told her, raising their joined hands to kiss the back of hers. The female grinned at the gesture. "That's pretty much asking the impossible, Buchanan. Besides, if I didn't worry about you two idiots, who would?" She retaliated, one eyebrow poised as she awaited a response.

  Bucky hummed as he considered her words. "That is true." He replied with a grin, his words drawing out a laugh from the Jones girl. Her distress had faded into comfort and Andy was thankful for that. Bucky always knew how to cheer her up. The pair continued their walk to the shop in a peaceful silence after that.

  Only, that said atmosphere was cut short as a voice spoke up from behind the group, "Hi, Bucky." Andrea and Bucky turned and, upon the sight of none other than Melanie Greene, the Jones girl resisted the urge to roll her eyes. The two girls were neighbours and shared a mutual dislike for one other.

  Though, this said dislike had only started because of Andrea's closeness with Bucky. He'd taken Melanie out on one date and ever since she'd despised Andy. She was jealous and the Jones girl knew this, but she didn't really care. Melanie's pettiness was the least of her concerns.

  As Bucky and Melanie began to talk, Andrea turned to shoot Steve an expression of the utmost disgust. Steve grinned at this and the female returned the smile before tuning back into the conversation. "I was wondering when you were gonna talk to me again. For a while I thought you were ignoring me." Melanie told the Barnes man, a pout on her lips.

  Andrea had to choke back a laugh. "Well, you weren't wrong." The female muttered to herself, the words earning her a sharp look from Bucky. The Jones girl could only smile and looked away sheepishly. As much as it was the truth, Andy knew that he didn't want Melanie to know that and she chose to respect his decision.

  However, that didn't erase the humour of the situation.

  Andrea turned to look back at Melanie, whose eyes had just caught sight of her and Bucky's joined hands. Instinctively, the Jones girl found her grip tightening. As much as she hated to admit it, the Greene girl intimidated her in the sense that she could have had any guy she wanted. The only problem was that she wanted Bucky.

  "Anyways, I wanted to ask if you'd like to get ice-cream with me and the girls." Melanie continued, giving the Barnes man a dazzling smile; one that was framed by her cherry red lips. It was as if she hadn't even noticed their clasped fingers. Once again, Andy turned back to Steve. In a not-so-subtle manner, the brunette made puking motions with her hands.

  The gesture didn't go unnoticed by Bucky, who shook his head at her antics. Though, there was an amused smile forming on his lips. "Sorry, Mel. I'm already getting ice-cream with Steve and Andy." He replied, shooting the blonde an apologetic smile. Melanie's bright expression quickly fell into one of un-amusement.

  Bucky then detached his hand from Andrea's. Instead, he used it to pull her closer to him. The brunette felt her heart give another one of it's infamous lurches inside of her chest. Though, Melanie looked less happy about it in comparison to how the Jones girl felt. The Green girl pursed her lip, hand going from twirling her hair to being placed on her jutted hip.

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