( chapter seven. )

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( after memory one & two. )

  ANDREA HEAVED A SIGH OF CONTENT as she kicked the frontyard-porch swing into motion. From over the fence of her own family's yard, two children playing caught her attention. The brunette watched as the pair giggled, chasing each other without a care in the world. The Jones girl smiled, closing her eyes and longing for that same easiness of childhood that she'd once had.

  "Andy?" At the sound of her name, the brunette opened her eyes once more. She turned her head to look down the porch steps, grinning once she caught sight of both Steve and Bucky. The female rose quickly from her seat on the swing and walked over to the pair, leaning over the porch railings to peer down at them.

  "What're you doing here?" The Jones girl questioned. Though, if the smile on her lips were any indication, it wasn't as if she were unhappy to see them. "Well, we were going to ask if you'd like to accompany us for ice-cream. But, clearly you'd rather fall asleep on your porch. So, I guess we'll leave you to it." The Barnes man replied, his grin teasing and cheeky.

  "Ha-ha. That's so hilarious, I forgot to laugh." Andrea replied, sarcasm heavily dripping from her words. The Jones girl fought off a grin, but failed as an expression of profound hurt crossed the Bucky's features. The brunette let out a chuckle before walking down the steps to take his arm.

  "I'd love to accompany you." She gushed, hand to chest as if she were about to swoon. Bucky and Steve laughed at Andrea's act and the female couldn't help but grin along herself. Not long after the trio began their walk towards Benny's Ice Cream Shop, easily making conversation the whole journey there.

  As the group made there way throughout the town, a thought suddenly occurred to the Jones girl. It wouldn't be long before her two best friends would be leaving her to join the war, and what would she be left with then? Who would be there for her when she needed someone the most?

  Most importantly, what would she do if such a time came for someone to inform her that Bucky or Steve had died?

  The thoughts formed a small frown on Andy's red-painted lips. Her expression wasn't unnoticed by Bucky either, who looked down at her in concern. "Hey, are you alright?" He questioned, voice low enough so that Steve wouldn't hear. The Jones girl blinked in surprise and raised her head. She gave the Barnes man a half-hearted smile and nodded.

  As much as she wanted to confess how scared she was to someone, now wasn't the right time. The Jones girl didn't want to ruin the last few happy moments the trio had together, especially over such trivial worries. They would both be leaving soon and she wanted to remember every second with only good feelings and memories.

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