Hey everybody!!

So this is officially my first story I'm posting here! Wish me luck!

Also if you didnt see the big [BOYxBOY] on the title i would just like to warn you there is boy on boy content. This may at one point contain sexual content between ze boyz. im not sure though. but if there will be i will be sure to put up a sign!

This is also my VERY first boyxboy so i would love some feedback on how well im doing. :)

For now i have Channing Tatum playing Ethan and Tom Welling playing Max. If you have any better ideas please do tell. :)

OH and do we like my coverr? i dont know if i do yet. or the title. that might change. im not sure yet. but if you think you can make a better cover please do tell. :)

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Max's POV

"EEEEEEEEEPPPP!!!" I screamed. My best friend Ethan looked at me. Then at my desk. He burst out laughing. 

"WHAT?!?!?! IT'S NOT FUNNY!!" That just caused him to laugh harder.

"Oh....yeahh...it....really....isssss.." He said inbetween laughs. I just sat there and glared at him. He finally got himself under controll. FINALLY!

"Seriously Max? That made you scream?" He asked pointing at my desk. 

"Yes it did. You would have screamed too!"

Ethan snorted.

"Max, it's a spider! And a dead one too!" 

"Spiders are scary! They creep, crawl and bit- Wait it's dead?" Ethan started laughing again hysterically.

"Okay class settle down!" The teacher yelled at a failed atempt to get all of our attention. Ha. Like that was going to happen. I turned away from Ethan only to see that the spider, that I now knew was dead, was still in fact on my desk. I was not going to touch that icky thing. GROSS! I turned to Ethan turning on my puppy face. I looked at him, then at my desk, then back at him. He sighed. He leaned over and flicked the spider off the desk. I grinned triumphantly and fist pumped the air. Ethan just rolled his eyes at me.  

After class, what class was it? Global? Science? OH RIGHT! Ha. Of course it was Spanish! Anyway... After class Ethan and I headed to three other utterly boringggg classes. FINALLY it was lunch time. 

"YAY! lunchhh timeeeeeee!!!! Come on Ethieeee Maximus here is very hungarrryy!" I said dragging Ethan to the cafeteria. Ethan laughed at my goofiness. Some people say I sound "gay", not the happy gay, and well they'd be right. Although they don't know their right. I haven't told anyone, not even Ethan that I'm gay. Oh wait. My twin sister Maya knows, but I didn't tell her. She figured it out on her own.

 I've known i was gay since i was little. I always enjoyed playing dolls with the girls unlike the other guys. Maya used to make me play with her all the time. I never really felt anything for girls except mild curiosity, unlike all the other boys.

The only problem I have with myself being gay is that i probably will never find a mate. Yes, we're werewolves. Sighhh, yes I'm a werewolf that is afraid of spiders. Don't judge. 

Anyway, well as far as I know there has never been any gay mates. But then again I never really listened to what the people were saying at the Pack meetings. I mean they were just sooo boringg. I usually sat there and made funny faces at Ethan and Maya making them laugh, andddd maybe get in trouble a couple of times. Teehee.

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