"That's Kaylee Anne." I was informed. Mrs Briffen stood right by me, the both of us intrusively looking down at the living room. We were on the second floor, well hidden in the shadow of a wall we stood behind and had a great view of the guests. But what frustrated me was how we couldn't hear anything but muffled laughs.

"Who is she?" I asked as my eyes fixed on the young girl. For some reason, I'd been dying to know.

Mrs Briffen pulled the laundry basket close to her chest. "An old flame."

"Harry's old girlfriend?"

Mrs Briffen returned a nod, causing a strange form of anger to swirl within me. "It was a long time ago. I'm not sure why she's come back to Fleese, though."

"Harry said something about discussing business opportunities." I told her, struggling to keep my voice from cracking.

"Well her parents are business people, though they don't do dirty business like Richard. I wonder what they're up to." Mrs Briffen wondered, tapping her chin with a finger. "Last I heard, they weren't on very good terms with Harry or his father."

"Why is that?"

"Well when Harry was about fifteen, they broke off their relationship apparently because he was 'going off the rails' and Kaylee's parents wanted to distance their daughter from him. She's a high achiever, a gold medalist in almost everything she does and her parents didn't want anything to come in between that. And Kaylee frequently travelled to different countries so their relationship never really was stable in the first place, or atleast that's what I think." She revealed. "I remember how Damian and her father were going to strike up a business deal but things got messy after their children's break up and it ultimately led them to become strangers."

Then why were they here now? I was aware that none of this had anything to do with me but I didn't have a good feeling. Mrs Briffen told me that she was going downstairs to eavesdrop, and I thought it was a good idea. I couldn't wait for her to get back.

I usually wasn't such a busybody but my curiosity had gotten the better of me. A heavy, uneasy sensation built up in me as I watched Kaylee speak with Harry. I was aching to know what they were talking about. Whatever grudge they had after their break up had obviously vanished, as smiles and laughter were exchanged between them. I flinched when she reached over to playfully ruffle his hair. What was going on?

My teeth clenched and if it had been possible, my eyes would have seared holes through her. I couldn't stand the sight of her with her bright smile and perfectly flawless skin.

Kaylee flipped her bouncy hair and it cascaded down past her shoulders, swirling around her in an irritatingly alluring way. And Harry sat right infront of her. Confusing emotions, anger and insecurities ran through my mind. I wasn't jealous. I wasn't.

The heavy weight was lifted off my chest a little when they all stood up. The discussion was over and they were about to leave. Finally. Kaylee dug into what I made out to be one of those big, expensive designer bags. A cell phone was snatched out and she handed it to Harry. Now they were exhanging numbers. Then they hugged, his arms around her waist, her's around his neck.

Damian left with the three guests and Harry was alone downstairs. I wanted to talk to him, ask him what that was all about before my heart begins to sink. I wanted him to take me into his arms and tell me it was nothing. That I had nothing to worry about. I knew I shouldn't feel this way, but I'd come to realise that I couldn't help it. Harry had found and secured himself a place in my heart, and I couldn't kick him out no matter how hard I tried.

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