After playing for what seemed like ten minutes but really were a little bit over two hours, I feel my phone buzz in my pocket, telling me I'm done with my first small concert - I guess you can say. I don't even know how to describe these things. The only thing I want do right now is take these shoes off, they are honestly killing my feet.

I give the "audience" a small bow as most of them clap and walk out of the platform. First few hours in California, not too bad actually. Everything is going how it's supposed to go, or how I want it to go. No fans yet, not a lot of people know I'm with him. I walk towards a counter where Helena is talking to a very tall, black haired guy. As I get closer I see that his face is sprinkled with these small tanned freckles and he blinks a lot as he speaks.

Helena's glance moves to my figure. I hold my notes against my chest and give them both a smile, "Okay, okay," She starts, moving her hands as she talks, "So Agnes, this is Charlie and you already know who she is." The boy quickly pulls me into a very tight hug and I use my free hand to hug him back as Helena flashes a proud smile.

"No more hugging, we need to hear your love story with," She clears her throat, "Him." Charlie chuckles and I can't help but snort softly at her personality. She seems so bubbly and confident, like she could be the life of the party whenever and wherever.

"I don't know if I wanna hear it," Charlie whines and Helena elbows him, scowling playfully as we start walking away from the hall.

"Ignore him, he is just a little gay and a little into your boyfriend." She rolls her eyes, holding the small smile as she speaks a little too loud for what she is saying.

"Okay so he is not my boyfriend, it's just not clear yet." I shrug, glancing away to avoid the awkwardness.

"You've had time yet you haven't talked about it?" They both ask a similar question in unison as they give me the same look, frowning their eyebrows as if they were confused.

"Well... I just don't know how to explain it. It's not something you just talk about." I tell them, "Where are we going actually?" I change the subject, or at least try to as I feel another buzz coming from my phone. I pull it out from my back pocket, answering Luke's phone call as I hear Charlie and Helena mumble something to each other.

"Hello?" I speak into the phone.

"Hey, are you up for some lunch?" He asks and somehow I feel a grin beginning to appear on my face as Helena quietly points it out, making me blush.

"Uhm, right now I'm on my way to grab some lunch with some new friends so I do-" I turn my head to face both of them, shaking their heads like they've been overhearing the entire conversation.

"Don't worry about us, we an meet later for a snack," She mouthes and I smile, hearing Luke's voice asking if I'm still there.

"Yeah, sorry. You can meet me in my room and we can go eat." I hear him cheer quietly and I chuckle.

"Be there in ten, baby." He says and then hangs up, leaving me blushing and the two people beside me smirk while exchanging similar looks.

"What?" I arch my eyebrows, ready to roll my eyes at their giggles.

"Are you sure you're not dating?" Charlie asks, holding back a laugh, "Meet us before your playing turn in our room, 2057."

"I might explain later if you buy me ice cream," I grin, holding my phone over my folders, "See you later."

I rush to my room, going up in the first elevator I see while I check my social media after noticing so many people tag in what seems like the same picture for some reason. I lean against the dirty mirror wall of the elevator as I wait for a picture to load.

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