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(Hey guys before i start im sooo sorry to keep you waiting >.< iv been bussy hehe anyway hope yall didnt miss me to much, but lego with this story!!)

I had a nightmare.....

I was walking in the forest, Jeff was calling my name in that menising voice of him. I shook lightly scared of him, for the 1st time sense i got here. I slowly walked toard the voice. I looked around the creepy woods and was tarrifide. Jeff jumped out with his knife and tackled me to the ground,

"GO TO SLEEP!!" He said and plunged the knife into my heart. I screamed as my vision blured lines Jeff and laughing jack starting to take my orgens out.

I must of actually screamed cause Slender shook me trying to get me to wake up.

"Sophia! Sophia! Wake up its just a nightmare" Slender said. I shot up breathing fast and hard, in a cold sweat. 

"Are you ok?" He asked putting his hand on my shoulder. I nodded weakly and got up stumbling to my bedroom and laying down. I close my eyes and held my stomach feeling strange. Could they be planing to kill me? Are they sick of me? Well im gonna have to show them that im still usefull. I thought. I started to cry and shake. I grabbed my razor and sit 1 cut, 2, cut... 5 cuts, 6.... I fell asleep cuddling with my blankets. Are they gonna abandond me two??