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as i was in my house laying on m bed with hailey, i received an imessage. it was from an unknown number, and it was a picture, but i still opened it. purely or of curiosity.

123-456-7890 -

babe come over 😉

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babe come over 😉

it had been dani who'd texted me, and sent me that picture and i was confused as it why she was even texting me, we had broke up about two and a half months ago.

123-456-7890 - oops, accident

justin - okay yeah sure whatever

i wasn't up for her pettiness.

"who's that ?" hailey looked from over my shoulder. "wait- is that danielle?"

"yeah but-"

"you still talk to her ? " hailey continued. "i thought you were done."

"we are, " i said, "but she just texted me."

"bitch is probably bored because she doesn't have a man."

"actually hails, i think she does. she posts with him on insta and snap."

"so i really wouldn't get why she would want you ? no offense babe."

"haha, none taken."

i picked up her chin and kissed her softly on the lips, trying to go deeper into the kiss and she smiled.

"lets save what you were about to do until tonight, babe, so i can buy something new."

"mhmm yes buy something new for daddy."

"yes, daddy i will. "


my mom won't let me go to justins pop up store , which is only in new York for tomorrow. 1 fucking day. I'm pissed as hell.

- angelique, who's mad as fuck rn 😒😒

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