chapter 22

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Perrie's p.o.v 

Leigh-Anne didn't really bother us the rest of the day which made me a bit suspicious. Leigh-Anne never gave up that easily on something. Especially if it had to do with getting people in trouble.

Like usual I decided to drive Jade home. I waited at her front step as she unlocked the door. I just wanted to make sure Leigh-Anne wouldn't come flying out of nowhere and jump her ya know? Leigh-Anne could be silent but deadily sometimes. I was so lost in thought that I forgot Jade was talking to me "Oh sorry what?" I asked and she chuckled making me smile. Jade was the type of person that could make me smile no matter what mood I was in now a days. "I asked you if you want to come inside" I looked around worridly. What if Leigh-Anne was stalking us or even worse my dad wait no way he doesn't know where Jade lives. but still. She pouted her lip "Please Perrie I know you don't want to go home anyways and I'm going to be lonely all alone in this house" She spread her arms out as if to make out the length of the house and I giggled. How could anyone say no to that face? "Sure". "Yes" She squeled grabbing my arm as she walked inside. 


Jade's p.o.v 

I sat down on my desk chair exhausted. There was so much work to do today and physical education wasnt making it any better. It just tired me even more. I tilted my head back sighing out loudly. "They can't cut us some slack now can they?" I asked and Perrie shook her head as she leaned against my door frame grinning slightly. Why was she happy that I was exhausted? I just shook it off not really caring at this point. School was just wearing me out. I shut my eyes quickly relaxing a bit but right as I did Perrie came and sat on my lap wrapping her legs around my waist. I grinned opening my eyes to look at her blue eyes which were shining brighter then ever making her look absolutly breath taking "Cheeky much love?" I asked jokingly as she wrapped her arms around my neck. "Oh come on I can't help it. I missed you" She smirked. Leaning in her perfect lips hovering over mine making me melt on the inside. She teased me a bit biting her lip seductively making them turn a bit redder then they already were. My stomach do a flip. a whimper escaping my lips as her lips barely grazed mine. God dammit this girl was such a tease. "Just kiss me already Perrie" I pleaded my arms grabbing her waist now. She smiled before she kissed my lips slowly but passionatly. A warm fuzzy feeling making its way to my chest. ashe kissed my lips a little harder this time tilting her head to the side a bit. My mind just seemed to go all foggy and misty. Kissing her was like drifting off into a cloud. You know how that there was that one person that just made you feel special and like you were the only one by doing absolutely nothing but just looked at you? Like time seemed to momentarily stop itself? that's how Perrie made me feel. She bit my bottom lip begging for me to accept but I just shut my teeth not letting her do anything. I felt her get frustrated and she began kissing my jawline. Leaving soft feather like kisses all the way down until she reached my neck letting her lips linger on the exposed skin with every kiss she left sparks flying from her touch and her lips finally made there way to my soft spot making a moan escape my mouth. She began biting and tugging at my skin making me shut my eyes grabbing the back of her shirt tightly. She bit a little harder then necessary and sucking on the spot. I dug my nails in the fabric of her shirt a smile making it's way onto her lips. She licked the spot on my neck as if to sooth me. Perrie was going to be the death of me I couldn't handle her everything she did just made me want her even more. 


Perrie's p.o.v 

I could feel Jade's nails digging into my lower back. I didn't want to cause her pain I guess I was a little rough on her I smiled quickly before kissing her neck one last time going to her ear kissing it softly feeling Jade's arms leave my waist as I nibbled on her earlobe. I was getting a bit distraced by the way her hands were grabbing my thighs. I stood up cupping her face in my hands standing up with me leading her towards the bed her body falling on the matress. I stradled her waist kissing her roughly biting her lip again. A low moan escaping her mouth as she parted her lips slightly for me letting me explore her mouth. Her hands tugging lightly at the ends of my blonde hair a smile making its way on her lips my heart fluttering a bit in my chest as she pulled me down completely on top of her kissing me passionatly her hands tracing patterns on my shoulders. I didn't break the kiss until I had to take a breath which was cut off quickly by Jade's lips making their way onto mine again as they moved in sync. My hands unbuttoning the first button on her shirt. But right as I made my way to the second button we heard a car door slam outside and someone walking into the house. "Jade I'm home" Mrs.Thirlwall said as we heard soft footsteps make their way up the stairs. "Shit" Jade mummbled pushing me off of her my body colliding with the hard wooden floor with an "oof" escaping my lips as Jade hurridly buttoned up her shirt again. "Hide" she whispered to me. The footsteps coming closer to the door. Shit. Shit.Shit. I thought looking around the room to find somewhere and decided to go under her bed.  

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