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[ reason one | important messages ]

the harry potter books are packed full of important messages, as packed as the quidditch world cup!

if i listed every one of them, filch would probably come running after me because of the awesomeness explosion that would happen. but, for the sake of entertainments and merlin's saggy left underpants, i'll take the risk.

• children of the war
eg. teddy lupin after the battle of hogwarts

• feminism
eg. hermione granger

• racism
eg. blood purity

• child abuse
eg. how the dursleys treated harry

• animal abuse/cruelty
eg. buckbeak's attempted execution

• corruption
eg. the ministry of magic taken over by death eaters

• terrorism
eg. the death eaters

• be yourself
eg. luna lovegood

• intelligence isn't something to be ashamed of
eg. hermione granger

• bullying
eg. neville longbottom

• depression
eg. dementors

• mental health
eg. frank and alice longbottom

• poverty
eg. the weasley family

• murder
eg. voldemort
suggested by @anameforeverything

• loss
eg. the death of harry's godfather, sirius black
suggested by @greeneyebooks

• the good die young
eg. the creevey brothers

• loneliness
eg. luna lovegood

• family love
eg. james and lily potter's sacrifice

• friendship
eg. ron weasley and hermione granger
suggested by @hartlined

comment any more important messages that can be found in the harry potter series!
oh no, filch is after me, bye!

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