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a soft knock was heard at the office door.

"come in."

a man, more so a boy, maybe in his late teens, early twenties, came trudging in. he was clutching a plush kitten to his chest.


a faint laugh was heard. a man in his mid twenties turned around on the office chair, motioning for the other to come closer. the shorter one trotted towards him, jumping up and sitting on his lap. the older one wrapped an arm around him, speaking softly.

"what's wrong, sweetheart?"

the shorter one giggled, "nothing, daddy."

"well then, what's up? you know not to interrupt me when i'm working."

"i-i know! b-but—"

"but what, josh?"

the youngling, revealed as josh, giggled and jumped off from his caretaker tyler's lap.

"d-daddy! it's a little day!"

Omg I'm so excited for this you don't even know
Basically this'll just be a collection of Joshler Oneshots revolving around Josh being a little and Tyler being his caretaker
I'll also take recommendations for certain scenarios and if I can I'll get around to them :]]
Also if you're not convinced yet tYLER IS DOMINANT BITCHES

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