Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Rafe POV

I couldn't believe it, I actually had a second chance mate. This was never going to work, I still loved Emma too much. She was so beautiful, and quite the spitfire to. I had vowed my love to her, and then she was taken from me. She was my better half made me the best Alpha I could be, but then she left. I knew I had become closed off, but that's what happens when someone wrenches your heart from your chest. She took it and never gave it back, and that was why I had become the ruthless man I was. Rose was beautiful, and so small. But how could I love someone when I had no love to give? I wasn't meant to love, I was meant for war. I lay back in bed thinking about anything and everything.

"Alpha, it's Maybelle. Hurry!" was all I got as Asher mind linked me.

"Shit" I mumble to myself and quickly get dressed. I dash out the door to go find my little mate.


Maybelle POV 

"You whore, I'm going to kill you!" Alpha Jeff growled at me, as he chained me to the wall in the dungeon. I had forgotten to clean one of the windows because one of the pack members demanded I make lunch. I knew what was coming I had lived through it all before, but I still sob begging for him to stop. He grabs a syringe full of wolfs bane injecting it into my body, I felt my wolf fade from my mind. He grabs a whip from his wall of torture devices, and begins to whip my body. I sob screaming for him to stop at the top of my lungs

"Rosie! Rosie!" I hear, but from where?

I slowly wake up, my body shaking from my nightmare. I open my tear filled eyes to see Rafe looking at me in pity.

"Come here little one" He says patting the spot he was sitting, afraid to disobey I oblige.

I sit next to him, and sniffle away the tears as we sit in a comfortable silence.

"You will be moving in with me, you are my mate, and my wolf is restless without you" Rafe says breaking the silence.

"Alright" I say barley above a whisper. He gets up to leave, but I grab his wrist lightly.

"Please, don't leave. You make me feel safe" I say in a soft voice, letting go of him. I look at my hands in my lap, my cheeks flaming. Without a word he moves to the opposite side of the bed, as I crawl back to where I was laying, my wolf purring at the proximity of our mate. I lay my head on the pillow as a nightmare less sleep enveloped me, the first in years.

I woke with my head on something hard but warm, and my legs wrapped around another person's. I shoot up my heart racing, but calm down when I realize it was Rafe.

Why was he in the bed with me? I think to myself, as my mind races over what happened last night. The nightmare, me asking him to stay, and him staying. But why was he still here? Wouldn't he have still left after? I observe his peaceful sleeping form. His dark hair laid messily on his forehead, his usual tense face was restful and serene.

"Finally your up" He mumbles without opening his eyes. My eyebrows raise at what he means.

"Sir?" Was my great reply, as I cocked my head in confusion.

"As soon as you fell asleep, you wrapped around me like a sloth" he says opening his eyes, capturing me in his silver orbs. My cheeks flame red at my behavior, and as I notice he was shirtless.

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