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Elizabeth pov

I wake up in the middle of the night. I had to pee.

i tried to get up. I couldn't. My thigh was on his waist, his hand above it. My hand was around his chest, his hand was around my head like he was stroking my hair.

I mean it was the second best feeling in the world, next to kissing but i really had to go pee. I kissed his cheek and he moved his arms. We had an unspoken relationship. i got up and ran to the bathroom, it was dark. ( you can see where this is going!!( >-<)

I tripped. I was caught of course. Wow! He really is fast.

" PUT ME DOWN PLEASE!!!" I said almost yelling. I gave him a heartbeat to comply. He was taking to long to put me down. I jumped out his arms and went to the bathroom. I swung the bathroom door closed. But it didn't close all the way. There was a crack. I saw him rub his eye and yawn. He still must be tired.

You would think that he would look but he didn't ( out of respect, she was a princess after all there are bondies even Meliodas won't pass without permission)

I flushed and went out. He kissed me right as i came out.............

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