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Second chapter down. 

The pictures above show how I imagine the cabin to look like. Don't normally use visual aides like that but oh well. Could't resist.

I was having a wet dream.

At least that's what I assumed when I rolled into semi-consciousness and felt my pajama pants were as wet as a waterfall.

It was no big deal; I was a normal human male so this was surely bound to happen. Especially since the last time I'd had actual sex with another human being was about a year ago and work had left me too busy to keep up with my healthy dose of jerk-offs for the past few months. Thinking about it, it was inevitable really.

My body was just trying to relay it's frustration to me.

Strangely enough I couldn't remember what the dream was about but it must have been a hot one since I was practically soaked between my thighs. I'd been watching Wolf of Wall Street right before I fell asleep so it must have been Leonardo Dicaprio. Any dream with that man is always a good dream.

Then I squeezed my eyes tighter.

Maybe if I tried hard enough I could remember it.

But there was a small inhuman whimper that I was sure did not come out old Leo which interrupted me all together. Panicked, I opened my eyes and turned to see a large German shepherd panting right in between my legs and drooling right unto my pajama pants. The door of my bedroom was wide open which would explain how the familiar beast was able to come inside.

"Sherlock?" I asked cautiously.

The dog gave a more pleasant whimper in agreement.

Now I didn't have a dog and neither did my sister Doris. In fact no one in my family had a dog which meant that the animal currently bathing me in its saliva belonged to only one person. The one person I knew who actually had the capacity to name their dog Sherlock.

Closing my eyes, I groaned against my pillow.

"Zen Fucking Philips!"

The dog whimpered again but I weakly patted its head "It's ok Sherlock. I'm not mad at you, just your idiot of a Dad."

The said idiot appeared at my bedroom door, out of breath and with a sheepish grin. "Hey Bear. Long time no see."

Still petting Sherlock, I glared at him "I'm going to kill you."

Zen raised his two hands in a defensive stance "This is not my fault I swear. I was trying to haul my stuff in from my truck but Sherlock got excited and decided that he needed to see you." Suddenly I felt more regret than excitement for giving Zen the key to the cabin so that we could vacation together.

"So he opened my bedroom door all by himself?" I asked sarcastically.

"Uh....I might have left it open after taking a peek at you first?" He said making it sound more like a question.

Closing my eyes to count from one to ten, I weighed my options. Option one; throw the nearest object within my reach (most likely a pillow) at Zen and hoping that it hurts him like a bitch. Option two, chase him out of the cabin and lock the front door for a few hours which might have been the most fitting punishment if not that Doris was coming around today and the fact that I was much too soft to let my best friend sleep in his car after driving four hours from San Francisco where he lived currently.

"Why the hell did I give you the key to this place again?" I asked with my eyes still shut.

There was a pause. "Because we're best friends and you love me and wanted us to spend an awesome vacation together?"

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