Chapter 1

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Third pov

Years went by and Kaleb, Reuben and Adriana grew up to be kind yet dangerous children. The pack was still the strongest pack in all of America having hybrids on their side. Jade still looked eighteen years as well as Daniel nineteen. The twins stopped age at nineteen though now they were twenty three years old and Adriana was now seventeen. Because the people in the city changed Jade had to make sure the supernatural world stayed hidden. On many occasions people almost found out.

Those that remembered were the mates of wolves, demons, angels or witches and vampires. Daniel would also help Jade keep the supernatural beings in check. The pack respected their alpha and luna greatly for they were in no way mean to them. Kaleb Reuben and Adriana found it awesome how their parents were the Moon goddess and god. Now things were good in a way and it was time of the kids to meet their mates. In Jade's opinion and to Daniels worst nightmare besides Jade thought it'd be a great idea for their wolves to choose.

Only thing is that peaceful things always came to an end. Someone somewhere will always have darkness in their hearts trying to break the balance. Trying to wreck havoc and cause chaos. No one knew yet. No one suspects anyone and no one will believe who could cause such great pain for others.

Adriana pov

I sighed as my alarm woke me up. I smashed it to turn it off. Oopps. I got up and got dressed. A new day and a new human school. "Hurry up Adri we're gonna be late!" I groaned. I left my room and headed downstairs I went to mom in the kitchen she was arguing with dad over school. "Come on Danny. Why the hell are we going back to school! I'll get into fights! You know how those girls are!" "I agree with mom. We already graduated wolf school why go to human school?" I asked.

Dad sighed "Because people are getting suspicious about us. We might be adults Jade but we still look like teens. So dad thought it'd be a good idea to blend in with the humans and I agreed." Mom broke her cup. "Babe calm down. I promise everything is going to be fine." Dad said hugging her. I lifted my hands and all the glass on the ground rose up. "Thanks Adri." I nodded at mom. She then put toast with eggs and bacon on the table and instantly Kaleb and Reuben were in their seats eating like their life depends on it.

"Oh I forgot to mention that Sarah, Safire and Kyle will also be coming." Dad said. Kaleb's face lit up like a Christmas tree. "Hey man when you gonna tell Sarah you like her?" Reuben asked. "Well I can't. She's not my mate. So I can't do that." From the corner of my eyes I saw mom smirking. I turned to face her and she held up a finger. Sarah is his mate? I asked mom. She smiled. Yes. But it seems as if his other sides like taking their time in getting their mate. It'll happen soon enough. Mom shrugged. After eating we headed to school.

I rode with mom who has this sweet BMW. It was white and black. Dad said he's not driving with us cause we could kill him so he took his own Ferrari and Kaleb and Reuben rode together on Kals Audi. Mom and I shared a look and smirked. Mom hit the gas pedal and speed off down the road. Kaleb and Reuben following close behind as dad was dead last. Hey! Stop speeding! Are you trying to crash?! Dad asked. No! We're just having fun! Join in on it Danny! Mom said laughing as she speed up. Yeah come on dad you're no fun! Kaleb told him. So we stared a race.

Once in the school people ran out of our way. Mom parked first followed by the boys then dad. Okay remember to the humans, Adri and I are sisters. Daniel you're an only child and sadly the boys are our older brothers. Mom sighed. Kal and Ben totally cheered. "Come on Adri! Let's cause trouble!" Mom smiled at me. I did too and we both got out the car. It was as if we were in some kind of movie where everyone stares at the new kids or the popular ones. Mom and I walked side by side Kaleb, Reuben and dad behind us. I could smell some wolves in between and they nodded towards us in recondition. Mom smiled at people as we passed and I waved. Ohh I think we just made that kid faint. We shared a look before shrugging and walking to the office.

Once inside I instantly knew that both Principal and secretary were wolves. "Can we have our schedules please?" I asked nicely. The lady growled. "Wait." I sighed. "Come on you'll make us late." Mom said. She growled at us again and stood up. "I said to--!" She yelled but when she looked up her eyes widened and she stopped mid sentence. "Y-you're.....!" We smirked. "Yeahh. We are. Now what were you going to say?" She bowed quickly. "Nothing! It's an honour to have you with us." Mom laughed.

"Do not bow to us in here. We are just students." Moms royal voice kicked in. I had that to. The proper speech when I used my princess of the wolves voice. "Now listen to me. That behavior of yours needs to change. I get it, humans can be hard to handle but do not speak with such venom. You'll ruin that pretty face of yours." Mom smiled kindly. The lady nodded and gave us our schedules "Have a nice day." We left. "Let me see your schedules." Dad or uh Daniel took our schedule from us. "The boys have the same class together. And some classes with me. Jade and Adriana has classes together except for art and we all have lunch and home economic together. " Jade nodded. "Well let's go. We have Gym Adri." I nodded and we walked away from dad and the boys.

We made it to the gym and got jealous stares from mostly all the human girls and admired looks from the female wolves in the class. Once dressed mom and I shared a look. "*sigh* Let the day begin." I nodded agreeing with her.


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