“Whoa,” Eleanor says. “When did that become official?”

          Harry chuckles. “A couple of hours ago,” he replies proudly.

          Eleanor shoots me a look and I give her a sheepish smile, sinking in the couch. “I, for one, am not surprised,” Louis says. “I totally saw it coming.”

          “Everyone did,” Eleanor chuckles. “But I’m glad that you two finally, you know, actually got together.”

          I blushed as the TV kept playing Teen Wolf, and Louis asked, “So when are you two moving into that new house of yours?”

          I shrugged as we all looked at Harry, who looked as if he was thinking. “I think day after tomorrow is when it’ll be ready for us to move in.”

          “Sounds good.”


          The next day, Harry and I had spent packing up. He told me that we didn’t need any furniture, so we could just pack up our own personal things. So in a box, I had my books and most of my shoes, leaving out the Converse that I usually wear.

          We had also packed our plates, utensils, and all those kitchen appliances. That took a while, since we had to make sure each box was carefully bubble wrapped. I basically spent the entire day in yoga pants and a tank top, packing my mind off since this whole thing took forever.

          And then unpacking at the house… Oh God.

          “Kelsey!” I heard Harry’s voice call out for me.

          “What?” I yell back. I had no idea where he was in the apartment.

          “Do you want me to pack all of your perfumes?” he yells.

          Sighing, I jog up the stairs and down the hall, entering Harry and I’s room. Walking inside, I see Harry hovering over the dressing table. I walked over to him and saw that he was holding my Marc Jacobs and Britney Spears perfume bottles in either hand.

          “Uh,” I think for a second. “Just pack them.”

          Harry nods as he grabs the tape and starts wrapping around the top of the perfume bottles, making it secure so the perfume doesn’t leak. As he does so, he says, “We’re going to be going out for dinner tonight. Since, you know, we basically packed up all of our plates and stuff.”

          I nodded and looked at my curling iron and hair straightener. My suitcase, which was sitting open by the closet, already had most of my shoes and clothes in it. So grabbing my hair appliances, I folded the wire around it, and stuffed it inside my suitcase.

          “Please tell me we’re almost done,” I sigh as I stand back up. “We’ve been at it for hours.”

          Harry chuckles as he puts down one of my perfume bottles. This whole packing continues for about another hour, until I plop down on the bed on my back with a groan, looking up at the ceiling. “Can we stop now?” I plead. “We’ve been at it for hours.”

          I feel the bed move and turn my head to the right to see Harry lying down next to me, though he’s on his stomach with his head faced towards me. “I agree,” he says. Then he adds cheekily, “Do we get a kissing break?”

          I stare at him in pure amusement. “I don’t know, do we?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.

          A smirk falls on his lips, showing his right dimple. “I think we do.”

          I chuckle as he leans over and kisses me, my head lifting up from the bed a little bit to get better access. My left hand reaches over and places itself on the back of his neck as I kiss him, which was soon broken by my phone ringing loudly.

          Harry groaned as I laughed, reaching over my phone. But my smile, as soon as it came, had vanished when I saw what the screen said.

Logan calling.

          “Who is it?” Harry asked, furrowing his eyebrows at my expression.

          I sigh, but turn my phone around so he can see the screen. Just as he does, he glares at the screen before taking the phone from me, turning on his back and sitting up properly. Oh, God.

Harry’s POV:

          “Is there a reason you’re calling?” I seethe into the phone as I sit up, answering Logan’s call.

          “Why didn’t Kelsey answer?” was the first thing that Logan said, causing me to roll my eyes. Kelsey, curious, sat up properly as she frowned.

          I glanced at her, and she shook her head, knowing what I was thinking. “She doesn’t want to talk to you,” I reply to him, and Kelsey bites her bottom lip.

          “Why should I even take your word on it?” he retorts, and I roll my eyes. Is he that desperate to talk to her?

          “Fine, then,” I say. “Here, talk to her yourself.”

          Kelsey’s eyes widened as she shook her head rapidly. Meanwhile, we could both hear Logan’s voice calling out for her. “Kelsey? Kels?”

          I look at her expectantly, and when she shook her head, so I put the phone back to my ear. “I told you, Logan,” I say with a sigh, “she doesn’t want to speak to you, mate.”

          “Whatever,” Logan replied, sounding defeated.

          Before I could say anything, the call had ended, and I felt a bit bad for the guy. He screwed up things with his best friend, and no matter how much I may not be fond of him, all he’s trying to do is make things right. But then again, he did at first kiss Kelsey and then told her he loved her. So he’s not exactly on my good side.

          After I put the phone down, Kelsey covered her face with her hands and she lay back down on the bed with a groan. “I feel awful,” she says as I look over at her. “He’s been my best friend for so many years and now I’m just ignoring him.”

          “Well, I mean, you have a reason,” I shrug. “You can talk to him when you feel like.”

          A sigh escaped Kelsey’s mouth as she sat up, before sliding off the bed and standing up straight. “We should get back to packing.”

          She never gave me a chance to reply, because she walked straight out of the room.

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