Chapter Thirty-Five

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Delilah's Point Of View

All three of us stood in black from head to toe. Vickrim looking dashingly handsome in his suit as I stood beside him holding his cold hand as he stared at Connor's headstone, eyes dull with one hand in his trouser pocket as Lisa sat on the ground dirtying her black ankle length dress, weeping loudly as she clutched one of Connor's fully scented hoodies.

The girl was bawling her eyes out, screaming at his headstone as if he was standing there to listen.

"Why! Why did you leave me, how could you leave Connor, how could you!?" She yelled at the top of her lungs, I suppose we all grieve differently and of course she was an overly attached unofficial girlfriend who seriously believed Connor was her husband.

"Shut the fuck up." Vick spat out giving her a dirty look, he was obviously annoyed with her bawling and screaming, I was too, but not enough to tell her to shut her yapper.

"What!?" She stared up at Vick with unsure eyes, in complete disbelief at his words.

"Vickrim." I whispered through my teeth and then he held back his words as he shifted his vision from her.

"Do you want to head home?" He spoke in one tone.

We've been standing here for more than an hour after the funeral had ended, Vickrim just stood in silence for the entire hour without saying anything, he grieved silently but I would have loved to know what he was thinking, anyone would.

"Yeah, if you're ready to go I don't mind." I spoke as I squeezed his hand tightly, honestly I was ready to go, I'm afraid to stay a moment longer, I didn't want get caught up in all of this emotions again and allow it to control me, I couldn't allow that because in a few short hours I had to prepare myself to go home, home to my father, we had a conversation to hold which was long overdue, I just hope he's sober like he had promised to be.

"Yeah, I suppose it's best to leave, if we stay I would end up strangling Lisa." He said seriously as I smiled small and then he turned as all he's guards came rushing from different locations to follow us to the car.

The green lush grass of the graveyard below my shoes as I still held on tightly to my boyfriends hand, it was windy as I felt the cold air slice my hair in different directions, I could hardly see with all my strands covering my eyes but I didn't have to to recognize the voice about to speak.

"Delilah, Vickrim!" She yelled as I brushed my hair from my face to see Stacey jogging towards us, her hair up in a bun at the top of her head, she wore a figure hugging black dress and flat shoes.

Vickrim and I stopped to give her time to reach us.

"Hey." I smiled shivering a little as I watched my boyfriend remove his jacket and placed it over my shoulders to keep me warm.

"Hi." She hugged me tightly. "I'm so fucking late, that flight was awful, I can't believe this." She glanced around to see no one here except for Lisa who at this point was hugging Connor's headstone. "I missed it." She said out of breath, her eyes dropping.

And then she paused for a moment as if she was staring into nothing, both Vickrim and I couldn't figure out what was going on until she covered her hand with her mouth and began to gag,

"Sorry, I think I'm going to be sick." She said and then ran off to the closet tree, I turned to face Vickrim and then said "I'm going to go check if she's okay. I'll meet you back at the house?"

He nodded and then kissed my cheek gently with his soft frozen lips.

"Mace!" He yelled placing both his hands on his pockets and then Mace came stepping towards us.

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