Chapter 2

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Mom had came back from work three hours later so I left and went back home . I got in the shower and used my coconut shampoo and conditioner. I got put and started to dry myself . I dried my hair and put it in a ponytail and changed into my PJ's and layed down in bed watching a movie. Someone knocked on the door so I paused the movie and got up to answer it . 

It was my friend Stephanie "hey steph what are you doing here I thought you moved out" I said whilst hugging her " I did but mom got transferred here so im back" she said smiling . I invited her in and we went upstairs to my room . " do you wanna see a picture of my lil brother ?" I asked her "yeah sure" I got out my phone and showed her a picture of him sleeping." Aw he is so adorable" she gushed . " he is coming over tomorrow and my mom is bringing a friend and her son so yeah I'm stuck here tomorrow" I said

Me and steph spent the whole day catching up on what we missed soon it was dark " why dont you stay the night please it will be just like old times" I begged and begged until she caved in "ok fine I'll stay the night" she burst out . "

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