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"Mom, Mom, Mom," came Surge's panicked voice through the door as she nearly banged it down.

Kita pushed herself up to her elbows. She was trapped between Snowy and Baby Doll.

"You want me to get that?" Baby Doll asked.


Baby Doll slipped a sheet free and opened the door. "What's up, Surge?"

"What are...Nevermind. Where's my Mom?"

"I'm here, Lina. What's up?" Kita called.

"You've got to come quick. Ruby's dead."

"What?" Kita exclaimed flipping upright. "Where? How?" She demanded as she scooted off the bed. A clap of her hands she, Baby Doll, and Snowy were dressed.

"Whoa," Snowy said rolling out of bed.

"She's outside on the sidewalk," Surge answered frantically.

Kita's hands covered her mouth as she gasped. "No."

Snowy put her arm around Kita.

"Take us there, Snowy," Kita asked quietly.

Snowy opened a gate and transported them to the location Surge gave her.

The foursome appeared in front of a wall of ISS agents standing shoulder to shoulder with riot shields to keep any lookers out. Other agents were working on erecting a tent to shield the scene. The wall opened enough to let the four angels through. Tina was already there.

"By the Crushing Depths," Kita whispered looking at the smashed body of the angel. Angels were designed to take a lot of punishment, but a seventy-five story fall was more than even they could withstand. Kita looked at Tina. "What happened?"

The little angel shrugged. She'd taken over running the ISS while Punishment was recovering. "We don't know yet. We're recovering camera footage and looking for witnesses. Forensics is on the way. I've been waiting for you to arrive to get approval for my team to go into her room and onto the roof."

"Who else knows?" Kita asked.

"You four, me, and Valentine. As soon as my teams head up to the penthouse all the angels will know something's up."

"Have your team start on the roof. Get them a shuttle and they can land on the pad," Kita instructed. "The longer we delay the better."

"I got to ask," Tina announced. "Where were you three last night?"

"Their room. Watching movies before we passed out," Baby Doll answered.

Tina nodded satisfied. Investigations were easier when you had a built in lie detector. She looked at Kita for another question, but found her sister crying softly on Snowy's shoulder.

"Any idea what happened?" Baby Doll asked.

"Not yet and I'm not going to speculate," replied Tina. "Intuition, and now confirmed, ruled out my sister and Snowy. This isn't public or shocking enough. If my sister kills someone important, the whole world is going to see. You're cleared as well. I didn't realize my sister had gotten over three is a crowd."

"Why does everyone jump to that conclusion? Kita was exhausted and fell asleep in a hurry. She didn't last the first movie. Snowy and I just drifted off to sleep."

"Everyone is waiting for history to repeat itself," Tina whispered.

"What do you mean?" Baby Doll replied defensively.

"Kita falls in love with you. Snowy wants to keep Kita and allows you in. Slowly Snowy's pushed out and you take her place. That's what happened last time."

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