"How were you able to stop it?" Megan asked.

"Easy, grandmother, an equation needs to be balanced or it will never reach its conclusion," Tina replied simply.

"You're not...A god are you?" Punishment asked slowly.

Tina smiled. "Have faith. Don't worry about what I am or am not, or what I can and can't do. My sister is my concern, like always. I've had her back since I was a young rogue. I love Kita and I will continue to help and protect her. You all just need to do what you do. Let Kerri do what she was placed her to do."

"Kerri's a plant?" Snowy asked confused.

"Ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine percent of what happens is random by the equation. The rest is placed with a purpose."

"So, she is a plant. By who, you?" Punishment demanded.

"Have a little faith," Tina replied as Kita and Baby Doll exploded from the pool racing skyward chasing each other.

"So happy and carefree," Tina smiled. She watched her sister and friend chase each other in the sky and through the streets, dodging, juking, and making impossible turns and maneuvers.

"There's no way that new girl is keeping up with Kita. Only Valentine can fly like she can," Punishment exclaimed as she watched the pair.

"Unless, she's..." Jewels said slowly.

"Built like Kita," Snowy whispered.

"Why is she building a twin?" Anthrax asked.

"Four are better than three, better than two, and better than one," Valentine announced coming over to the group with Toxic and Phoenix.

"Who's the fourth?" Snowy asked.

Valentine just smiled. "Does it matter?" Valentine looked up to see Kita and Baby Doll come streaking toward the roof. "Look out," she warned, as Kita and Baby Doll slammed into the pool. She caught the tidal wave of water and tossed it back at the two laughing angels.

"Hey," Kita complained. "What was that for?"

"Because we don't want to wear it," Valentine answered with twinkle in her eye.

Kita and Baby Doll continued to laugh and breathe hard as they lifted themselves out of the water and floated back to their clothes. With a flash, they dried themselves and got dressed. Helping each other with their hair, they went to the bar to join a knot of Kita's daughters.

"Pick your poison," Kita offered to the other angel.

"Are we playing that game again?" Baby Doll laughed.

"As long as you don't give me that gut rot you gave me last time. I was sick for a month."

"I know, you whined the whole time. You think you could take your guts being liquefied."

"I didn't complain as much as you did with the flesh eating venom."

"It's poison, not venom. You cheated," Baby Doll insisted with a laugh.

"You're mad you didn't think of it first," Kita teased.

"How about we not try and kill each other and just have something sweet?"

Kita nodded. She grabbed two shot glasses and put her hand over them. Blood began to poor from her hand filling the two glasses. Baby Doll took hers and the two tossed the shots back.

"Yum," Baby Doll smiled.

Kita grinned and winked at her. "So, what do you girls want?"

"Nothing," Nina frowned in disgust.

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