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Kita exited the elevator on the roof hanging from Snowy's arm. Baby Doll walked on the other side, while the rest of the angels trailed behind. Almost all the angels had arrived and gave Kita and the new angel a curious, if not worried look.

"About time, Mom," Phoenix called from a table where she and Toxic were playing head to head on their gaming consoles.

"Sorry, Sweet Pea. Unfortunately, not everything is solved by playing video games."

"It should be," the teenager answered as she turned her attention back to Toxic. Valentine silently slipped away from Kita to join the pair.

The rest of the angels seemed subdued, sensing something had gone on downstairs and they weren't sure if they wanted to know or not.

"If you all looked any sadder I'd swear I had something to do with it," Kita commented as maneuvered through the tables to go sit by the pool. As she went she took a head count. Quill and Athena were missing, but they were always late. Sheppard, Echo, and Talon were the other missing girls. Checking the time they still had an hour.

"Looks like someone got a makeover," Leo commented about Baby Doll.

"Yes, and be very weary of those braids," Anthrax informed the others. "She's not your average newbie."

Kita ignored the commentary and looked at the pool. "Feel like a swim?" Kita asked Snowy.

"Since when are you willingly going into water?" Snowy asked astonished.

"Since now. Are you in or out?"

"Out. You know how long it takes me to dry and groom," Snowy answered rolling her eyes.

"How about you, Kerri?" Kita asked.

"If you think you can keep up with me."

Kita grinned. "You're on." The pair stripped of armour and clothing changing what was left to simple string bikinis. They dove in and immediately started to chase each other underwater. They breached the surface and roughhoused splashing water everywhere, before diving back under to continue the rough game of tag by tackle.

Snowy watched, dodging water as she did. She got bored quickly and went to join the others with a long face.

"You alright?" Punishment asked.

"I'm suddenly getting a sense of déjà-vu," she responded sadly.

"Oh, don't worry about them," Tina chimed in happily. "Kita assured me there is nothing romantic or sexual between them. Kita has just found a friend who shares a number of the same interests and willingness to play like she does. As Kita put it, why wreck that with love?"

Snowy shook her head not believing the tiny angel.

"You know she can't lie to me," Tina smiled reassuring Snowy. "But expect to see her by Kita's side and I'll warn everyone, she's no noob, not anymore. She's mastered just about ever weapon you can think of. She's a very powerful fallen angel and her cloud isn't just a chip off of Kita's. She gave her a big chunk and it's fully awake. I also gave her a big chunk to make sure she stays even. She seems nice, just like Kita seems nice."

"How is all of that possible?" Spike demanded.

"I promised my sister I wouldn't tell," Tina admitted with a shrug.

"Neptune's rings," Anthrax grumped. "One is bad enough. Can we handle two?"

"I also plan on being by my sister's side. Having a friend like this might actually be a good thing for Kita. She's under a lot of stress. That's what we were talking about downstairs. I'm helping her cope with it and I will help balance her. I don't wish another universe destroying incident again."

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